Lock It Up Lyrics

[Verse One]
My shit is thick like a wooly headed black Jesus
I was born to win skills like my nappy stuff
But when I gots my nappy stuff I got a flake or two
These irritatin flakes, I wipe them out the whole crew
Shinin through like the coconut, all on my scalp
Hey these irritatin flakes act like locks cause they
When I flex my nappy stuff, there's no whack jheri curl
In other words, a weak raps I never can produce
So cut them jheri curl raps, and try again naps
In skilled hard work, professor needs wax
Cause I got as many locks as the skins I busted
Extensions get dissed cause they can't be trusted
But I love it when they blow it feels good to my head
It's about the same length but two inches thicker
Like a dread from my bobbin head I swing back and forth
Suckers on me like my locks, they stuck to what sauce?

[Chorus - repeat 2X]
MC's dread my skills (but I got 'em locked up)
MC's dread my skills (but I got 'em locked up)
MC's dread my skills (but I got 'em locked up)
Locked what? (Lock lock it up now)

[Verse Two]
As my dreadlock twist like a fist I got the punch
Givin knots like my locks, I roll 'em up like blunts
Twirled in the riddle, just bring the comprehension
I kick that real shit, not the whack extensions
Pay attention did I mention, descended from Egyptian
Relaxed her then I waxed her, gave the girl kiniption
fits, misfit, when you use that curly shit
I'm connected to the source, so I can make the hits
Like f**k it, I'm gettin, the ducats by the buckets
My naps are God given, so yo I can't destruct 'em
with the lye, no lie, so I bust the hemp
If Jheri wanna step, I slam him like Kemp
With the supersonic boom, we got the dreads in the room
With the actual, the factual, the self-manufactural
Diggin up the whack synthetic, pathetic
Hardcore to the roots, so I keep my nappy dreadded


[Verse Three]
I shoot them rocks like locks, I got you dreadded plus
Every verse disperse this metaphor that be embedded
in your cranium, MC's I'm slayin
They get licked and clipped like barbershops so just be

Now barby master, rhyme styles get boasted
Hesitation, just wait a second, for those rappers
who couldn't guess my combination, cause I got 'em
Hooked cause I twist metaphors in knots and kinks
You're not seein what you think, it's actual
Just like my nappy skull, my skills are nat-u-ral
For me to lose you with the style I kick
I got these suckers locked up (locked what?) ON MY

(Lock it up now!)
(Lock it up now!)
Lock what? (Lock it up now!)
Lock what? (Lock lock it up now!)
Lock what? (Lock it up now!)
Lock what? (Lock it up now!)
Lock what? (Lock it up now!)
Lock what? (Lock it up now!)
Lock what?!

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Record Label(s): 1995 Channel Live Music
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