Sweatshirt Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I found your sweatshirt in a box that I packed
I put it on 'cause it was all I had left
Without you, the room was cold
Now this house feels less like home
Soon enough, these walls will forget
Why is it so easy for people to leave?
Is it them or is it somethin' wrong with me?
'Cause I've torn myself to pieces
To convince you I'm worth keepin'
If I told you that I'm healin'
Tell me, would you still be leavin'?
I watched our love become a fate (Become a fate)
Just like the seasons would change (Would change)
You might think I'm the one to blame (The one to blame)
But if we're just a dumb cliché
I'll be the one, be the one who got away

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh

[Verse 2]
My heart panics when the knock comes at my door
I think it's you and my stomach falls through the floor
But when everything goes quiet
It's just my heart breakin' in silence
Then it's gone and so are you
You won't come back and never do
Memories of your voice echoes off the walls
I still hear your footsteps walkin' down the hall
My dog still waits for you on the couch
How do I tell her you moved out?
Or why I leave a light on?
Just in case you decide to come home

And my dreams are sayin' your name out loud (Ooh)
But when I wake, there's no one around (Ooh)
Wonder where you are now (Ooh)
I still see your face in busy crowds (Ooh)
I hope you know that I still love you anyhow (Ooh)
We could blame it all on our bad luck (Ooh)
And say that we were just too young (Ooh)
We could replay us back to front (Ooh)
But we'd still get the same outcome (Ooh)
You could say "Am I the one?" (Ooh)
Just please don't say it was enough

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Songwriter(s): Brennan Loney, Chandler Leighton
Record Label(s): 2022 Boom Records
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