Salute Your General Lyrics

Yeah, attention, now rise for your general
Here comes major pain (uh uh)
Here comes major pain (yea march with me now, march with me now)
Yea yea
It's true if I tell you it's true that somebody testin it
Sames I gotta keep on refreshin it like the testament
You'll be second guessin it till the earth become decilate
I ain't good at stressin but guessin I guess I'm blessed with it
Cause I'm guessin that if you testin it that's the death of it
Talkin your career I'll it kill until they impressed with it
Had to promise em that success is gonna be definate
Didn't have a date so I hit em all with an estimate
My hustle system is unlatched I'm unmatched
When it comes to pirellis and dunlaps I dun laps
I need about 20 large written on one fax
I'm a send the contract over that I'll become fact
Bust back, at opposition get out the kitchen
Cause you an beef isnt mixin you ain't got a pot to piss in
Reason that you was trippin cause your number 2 was pippen
An I'll be pimpin the system and usually you a victim
No tellin my crew to sick em I handle my own
1 11 after the 9 someone handle my phone
Buts it's too late dirty harry how I handle the chrome
Put a hollow in a high hat how I dismantle a song
Out in miami I'm cakin up like the besko
Seein women walkin and whistling like official
You at home whining and staring outta yo window
Playin with yo nintendo do you get to attend? NO
Your not invited your heater is not ignited
See your are not hot and we runnin from fire fighters
Smellin like burning tires feelin like human lighters
You could tell em like you did like we did but you some liars
Victory party that you wanna have is postponed
And the liquor we brought for celebrating is so gone
Bein gettin paid since back when I had the old phone
The skytell and the pager but now I'm so grown
So long to all of my perpetraitors
That only talk about me at times when I'm on hiatus
No black & white playas in oakland that's not the raiders
That I hop on the flight but I'm glad that you never made us
Gettin money from these breezys, is to easy
As bootleggin the brand new jeezy n new weezy
Cause they'll either be needy or to sleezy
Forget the head we bout some bread then come see me
I'm throwin them major pains off in a duffle bag
That's worth more than a benji you should go hustle that
And I got more in my trunk of my caddy custom lac
If they rewarded the streets then I'd get another plaque
Gettin my hustle on and I don't never take a breath
Just hold ya breath forever if ya think I ain't the best
I told the mirror I'm the realest man I ever met
Like kids lookin at you kid just super fresh
My competition ain't competin cause they too depressed
Represent texas more than tiger representing sex
Somebody shoulda told you cannot go buy respect
Cause I'm positive that you woulda went and stopped the checks

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Record Label(s): 2010 Chamillitary Inc
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