No Complaints


No Complaints Lyrics

I know sometimes you gotta get it off your chest
But I don't wanna be doing alot of complaining about my label or people doing me wrong I ain't gonna be doing too much talking, expaining, tweeting orwhat ever people do now a daysto vent they issues to the world if you ask me bout me I'm gon say I'm good that's it. regardless of the politics ya'll wanna know what I'm thinking this is where you gon find out baby major pain
Can't a noun or an adjective tell ya how I be grabbin it
Thoughts on the drive I just hope alla my data fit
Lookin at the scripture I loved it so went n tatted it
Hustling is in me but hatings really the cadillist
Most human beings ain't as real as they pretend to be
Homie I just met keep telling people he kin to me
They tell ya that karma will catch up to you eventually
Just hope to not get shot from the top like a kennedy
My own worst enemy I'm still tryna change that
When I'm fightin with me it's like an enemy I can't catch
Send ya out to hollywood and hope you don't remain black
When ya back in the hood they wetcha head up like a rain cap
Think back to all of the days when I didn't have a care
Hate on me if you want I black ya eye just like a panda bear
Rebellious as the shoe an it fits so it's what I had to wear
Police search the glove with the glove but wasn't a hammer there
My hammer where, should'ntcare only one that will get
To see that closer is anyone tryna steal this
I work hard for mine no fabrication that's real spit
Even when I had nothing I was feeling I was still rich
Wasn't minetary I promise it was a mental thing
Lookin for a referee call but instrumentals came
A womans that's gettin abused il bring your mental strain
But opinions and all of your views ain't gon prevent the pain
Not here to entertain I'm talkin to my agent
Put cribs on the calender told him he should replace it
Tellin me fin reality would mtv dun make it
Only cameras up in my crib will be for surveillence
Was avist budgeted enterprise when I rented rides
In '92 till expenses with me got minimised
Used to take the profit and drop it but it was plenty guys
Homies peepin all in my pocket they was the biggest spies
No worries in 2010 and that's what I promise you
Everbody tall like they numbers is astronomical
Most of these boys is comical I'm a tell you what I'm a do
Make my haters sick gotta future that they could vomit to
Chasing success and the lesser is unacceptable
Anyone that don't like that could taste a testicle
Straight outta the mind my verses are so confessional
We was never equal who told you we was semetrical

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Record Label(s): 2010 Chamillitary Inc

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