Got A Lot Of Options Lyrics

[Intro/Chorus - Chamillionaire]
Uh Huuuh!
I got the thugs body rockin'
Girls body flockin'
I ain't trippin still got a spot to put the glock in
Blades steady choppin'
Boppa's steady boppin'
Got a lot of ladies yeah i got a lot of options

I got the thugs body rockin'
Girls body flockin'
Clothes lookin' throwed like i just came back from shoppin'
Blades steady choppin'
Boppa's steady boppin'
Got a lot of ladies yeah i got a lot of options

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
Baby all i know is im on 4's
And this candy over silver sprayed on all my doors
These brauds steady tellin me my car so throwed
But my patna hopped right out and picked the braud i choose
Beat up in a slab tv screens steady fallin'
Lookin for some chicks and big business to get involved in
Use to be on 4's had them swangas steady crawlin' (4 real)
Use to hit that cappa and that classic in new orleans
I took the doo-rag of the braids but i cant see a thang
Sun is out but it look dark in my new set of versace shades
Boys wonderin' and tryin' to count what i done made
Cause my pockets lookin' pudgy and my jordan's lookin' swayed
Darlin' im afraid that somethin isnt right
She keeps sayin that im cool but she keeps sayin she a dike
How do i persuade the braud to take the pipe
Tell her get off from my swangas or get plumin' in your life


[Verse 2 - Chamillionaire]
Wanna be's throwin' ones tryin' to show that they makin cash
Lookin' stupid than a mother all though it'll raise ya tabs
Cause the vehicles and jewelry we got is way mo' advanced
There's more colors in a watch than a set of jamaican flags
Pick it all up in bags the promoters like make it fast
Cause here comes another monsoon and these boys is goin' make it last
Y'all hit the club tryin' to act like ya poppin' tags
Hit the club and ya new clothes and you know you goin' take it back
Ima fly rides owner ain't no need to take a cab
Cause the key ain't nothin' to me i got cars so just take the slab
Say you doin' it bigger it trip us so they can laugh
Cause i done ran threw way mo' numbers than student's can do in math
40 large in my pocket's is causin' my pants to sag
Still in love with my money like i use to say in the past
Who can do it better is the question they hate to ask
Walk right out ya conversation and hope that it make ya mad


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Record Label(s): 2007 Chamillitary
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