Cities Lyrics

If I want I could move these walls past my door to a better place
I feel like there's a wind that could catch all my fingers, fly away
Past towers of iron and cement touching sky over rivers continents wide
Onto rolling walls with billions inside, augment my view of life, white cliffs isle's east side
Blue fields of five waving patiently while I slide into new scapes of change

Because tomorrow I'll be gone
And all that now surrounds me will keep moving on
When I look back what will I see
Will I have learned a lesson, something I believe

Give me a journey
Show me all the colors of life
Give me the distance
Show me a way to navigate this world
Give me a journey
Show me the road that I should take
There is no reason
To be stuck in just one place

Give me the journey
Paint with the watercolors of life
Give me the distance
To walk the image I create
Give me the journey
Show me the road that I should take
There is no reason
To be stuck in just one place

Keys unlock the plain to golden gates that lock again a violent bay
Where will I land and what will fill my eyes - who will I be each time that I arrive
Blades of grass cutting lines in the dirt and burnt goodbyes I've seen that star it guides my night
By sea or land, shifting air, how I move I don't care
Kiss me soft let me go, breathe in me the place you know - I want to know it too (spoken)

Out of the window there's a scene I seem to have seen each morning
White circles, red squares, I bet you don't see this everywhere
Sure I learn and like and am the things that fill this street
But could you be content knowing each day these moments just repeat
So a thought, a pass, a plane, a ticket marked with ink by name
A taxi pull, a plastic tray folded upright till we leave the runway

Way above the clouds
Freedom's pure when you don't hold out
Watch the weight of all you've known
Pass right under where you've flown
And all the things that seemed to matter
Grow much smaller worn and weathered
Final approach, we're going down
Prepare to land on foreign ground
Way above the clouds
Freedom's pure when you don't hold out
Watch the weight of all you've known
Crash and burn somewhere below
Crash and burn without a sound

Off the wing it looks the same till clouds give way
A new domain beckons me to play
A new song, new life, new ways to fly
Grab on, hold tight, It's gonna be a wild ride

I wanna fly far away
Wanna see a different place
Where to go, I don't know
There is so much left to see - so

I don't know where to go from here
I don't know where to roam
What will I see tomorrow
Where will I sleep tonight
Who will I meet tomorrow
And who will I kiss goodbye

I don't know where to go from here
Still don't know who I am
In spite of all my travels
In spite of all I've seen
My mind replays the memories
And you can't take that from me

But who knows where to go from here
And who cares where I go, do I have to know
Where this road's leading, no place to sleep tonight
The sun just keeps repeating its pattern in the sky

Give me the journey
Paint with all the colors of life
I'll walk the distance
To live on the canvas that I stain
With every memory
Coursing through my veins
There's just a brush
And I am the world it paints

Tell me where to go from here
Tell me I can stay so I see you tomorrow
I'll sleep with you tonight
If I have to go tomorrow
Then I kiss your lips goodbye

I don't want to go from here
And will you understand when you wake up
And I'm not there in the middle of the night
These eyes have yet to see what's under all these skies

Give me the journey
Pour out the colors of my life
I see the distance
In the mirror passing by
Give me my journey
In every shade and stride
There is no reason
Why our worlds should collide

All I've seen and all I've come to know has carved me
With patterns you can trace to realize our differences
Are not for the better or the worse they simply just are
Taught in miles, learned by path, leave it on my epitaph
Embrace each uncomfortable moment then relax
The news alive and educates he who doesn't wait
But packs willing to return to the same space

For the first time
I am living
In colors I'm picking
But you keep on stalling
What cha gonna be if your never see

For the first time
You're given
A fresh pallet
You're mixing
But you can't keep on slipping
Back into the place that cha cant leave

I wanna stay in a place
And I must appreciate
Where I've been, what I've seen
Even though they're different things - and

Now that we've found common ground
I have a way to understand
What you are, how you work
What defines a peoples worth - now

I close my eyes, fall asleep
Knowing I fulfilled my dream
Now it's your time to fly
See the world with open eyes

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