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Birkin Purse
Ceo Trayle
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Birkin Purse Lyrics

Want a C4 verse, that's gon' cost a Birkin purse
Yeah, let's roll
(That kid Zello)

Ayy, no key ignition, I might f*ck on the assistant
Get my paper right, nigga, that's the point of me existing
'Member back then, probably two years ago, no pot to piss in
Ten times ten, then go triple up on them digits, ayy
Ayy, he's not no gangster, family guy like Peter Griffin
They say 4 so ambitious, he's totin' Smith and
Told her I'ma beat that p*ssy just like demolition
Big chopper make that boy sing like New Edition
They say I'm narcissistic
Baby, let me give you nutrition
Really, ain't no need for kissing
She say she like C4, he vicious
All them doors he kickin'
What about all them fours he sippin'?
That boy Donly, you know he Pippen
I guess that make me Jordan, huh
You ain't forget my jersey, did it?
Niggas don't think my jersey fittin'? (Oh, what?)
They say lil' bro let off a hundred shots, nigga, I was there when he did it
This year, choppin' off fingers, nigga, and I don't need permission
I told my bitch she can't cook for a week, baby, I need the kitchen
You get designer right out of boutiques, he said the sleeves was missin'
I don't know nothin' 'bout that, get my shit out of Lenox
Last I heard, said somethin' 'bout 4, then a nigga went missin'
He was pickin' sides and we just thought he couldn't keep switchin'
When I get mad, my bitch always try play victim
Fendi on my tags, we do some expensive spending
Bitch ain't suckin' dick, she gon' go, that boy spittin'
f*ck you here if you ain't f*ckin'? All this cash I'm spendin'
They say one bitch get out, then three bitches get in it
Ayy, a nigga get popped, a baby born, the world keep on spinnin'
Nigga, we ridin' in strikers, you should know this car ain't rented
Ayy, you better not get behind me, I might high-speed your lieutenant
Ayy, the last bitch, she left me, said I could not make commitment
Ayy, she said I could have whatever I want, she just was not specific
Leave no witnesses, up and I start blickin'
My brothers all with me from the ground up, poverty stricken
Ayy, my brother my brother, you know that I love you 4L
All of this shit we did, you know you could always call on Trayle
You catch a case and I'm gon' start on bail
We been had the wave, these niggas finally caught on, yeah
Ayy, independent, I ain't even f*ckin' sign no deal
Used to be in the traphouse all day smokin' and sellin' kill
Ayy, ain't it crazy? Look at where I came from
Once you get them red beams on him, he know he can't run
Niggas know I just barely started, now I ain't done
Nigga, I'm rich, but still itch to take somethin'
Niggas know we still blickin', come bake somethin'
If they let Phil off that ban, he on a cape run
Ayy, standin' outside with a hundred choppers
That's a hundred shooters, that's a hundred shottas
We finesse finessers, nigga, we rob the robbers
Thirty got me higher than a plane, a blimp, a helicopter
Called a bitch from New York, she talk hella proper
I'm the devil with a pitchfork and a chopper
Ayy, you in trouble, I was piss poor, now I'm proper
Niggas actin' like a motherf*cker, need an Oscar
Want a C4 verse, that's gon' cost a Birkin purse
Nigga, we don't shoot back, we always shootin' first
Pull off, they like, "Who that?" Move wrong, you'll get a hearse
I was smokin' Ricky Bobby, nigga, you was smokin' dirt

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Songwriter(s): CEO Trayle
Record Label(s): 2020 1080 Trademark Records, LLC
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