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[Verse 1]
I told them messy-ass hoes don't speak on me
Keep my name out your mouth 'cause I don't beef for free
I love a hood nigga with a big ol' piece
Ain't lookin' for a nigga 'cause that talk is cheap
She worryin' 'bout if her nigga eatin' on me
I'm 'bout to snatch her tread up like a piece of meat
She say that's her boy, so why he lovin' on me?
Why he stalkin' my page, tryna DM me?
He be all in the St. Bernard lookin' for Cee
Bitch textin' my friends like, "Where she be?"
He be all at my shows tryna lеave with me
I want a real onе, so real nigga me, please
Real nigga me, please
Real nigga me, please
Real nigga, real nigga, real nigga, real nigga
Real nigga me, please, nigga me, please

[Verse 2]
I ain't stressin' 'bout no nigga who broke, please
He tryna lie about his girlfriend just to creep with me
Little do he know, he can't f*ck with Cee
If that Visa don't swipe, he can't get with me, hah
f*ck a nigga if he ain't poppin' off racks
Eatin' on my cat or he creepin' with his ex
Can't have a nigga who be stuntin' with his partner money
Real life broke, but he always get money, money
Lyin' to these hoes, yeah, that nigga be pillow talkin'
Stuntin' for the media like he really livin'
So I call up that nigga to really hurt his f*ckin' feelings
Word around town he be f*ckin' on his ex-bitch
Nasty-ass hoes do whatever for some good dick
But I ain't trippin', though
I'm the bitch he stay callin' when he hungry, though
He eat this bitch like a dog and I ain't cappin', ho
I ride his face like a bike just how he like it, ho
You kissed his mouth, it was me, I know I taste good
I throw it back in his face, yeah, he eat it good, hah
They want me, Mykel
So I'ma give 'em Cee, Mykel

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Songwriter(s): CeeFineAss

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