Pistol Poppin' Lyrics

(feat. Eminem)

[guns cocking then one gunshot]

[Eminem:] Haha
[Ca$his:] Ca$his, Ca$his
[Eminem:] Yeah!
[Ca$his:] King Mathers
[Eminem:] C'MON!
[Ca$his:] Pistol poppin, come get me nigga! [echoes]

[Chorus: Ca$his]
Pistol poppin, bodies droppin, layin all around
You thought it was a game, now the neighbors callin out
The police find that, what's that sound?
While you layin on the ground with your f**kin brain out

Walk through the door with my hands on a gun
Cause niggaz 'round here wanna ask where I'm from
I throw up my signs, step back and pop one
'fore you throw up your sign if you even got one
I used to bust niggaz heads open for fun
Chase him down, stomp him out, if he tried to run
I could flip packs, get stacks, big straps, where it at?
Slung crack, real cat, you ain't never did that
Go hard, no peace, I gotta keep, chrome heat
I don't sleep, homie I'm watched by the police
Cops out patrolling, grab a glock-40
Sniper at the squad car, story noting
f**k it if you want beef, click-clack, wack rap
Tossed straps before, I'm out of here, homie
Militant in a sense, I don't really give a shit
Call up, Eminem, I gotta plead innocent


Sixteenth in my sneakers, I ain't listen to my teachers
I'm the most hated nigga alive, since Jesus
Maybe in the afterlife they'll reveal my Christ-like abilities
Come back, then ride on my enemies
Never been afraid of beef, metals of my bravery
War situations got you sayin he, crazy G
And emerge with the beat, I can serve anything
Especially anybody tryin to diss my team – Shady
[blam] G-Unit, Aftermath the same thing
So if you say them punk nigga you say me
I be in L.A. G, get at me when you see me
Catch you in O.C., and in the bag you'll be leaving
I ain't worried 'bout my freedom cause for me to get even
is worth e'rything, it's on B.B.G.N.
I son'd you folk, I'm lookin at your pinkie
You a fake-ass gangsta, what a waste of my scenery

[Chorus x2]

Maybe I just feel like there's too many pussies in rap
Shady (Ca$his) we gotta push 'em to the back
Move 'em along, push 'em aside, don't get me wrong
I love the finger snaps and the claps into the song
It's got a catch but come on man, the raps
We all gotta step our game up
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Songwriter(s): Marshall Mathers, Luis Resto, Jeffrey Bass, Ramone Johnson
Publisher(s): Resto World Music, Eight Mile Style LLC
Record Label(s): 2007 Shady Records Interscope Records
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