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Leave It Alone
Cash L3wis
Get Me There Listen To Me


Leave It Alone Lyrics

[Intro: Woman]
Hey so, I know
We're not friends anymore
But, I was hoping you missed me by now
But I guess you don't so
We are going a full six months
Which is very annoying
But, if you have a change of heart
I was feeling an In N Out run
And I wanted to come get you
Ok well, Bye

[Intro: Answering Machine]
End of message

[Verse 1: CASH L3WIS]
Growing up you know I needed you, I believed in you
But everything was more important than me seeing you
At first a crush is all you were & nothing more
But society told you, I wasn't one to fall for - I mean
You were the cheerleader, I was the class clown
You were from up state, I was from down town
Not literally, but figuratively speaking
Two different social classes co existing, while seeking
The same companionship in one another that they yearned for
But you were too afraid to learn more
Too afraid to leave your friends, even though they put you down
& made you feel like nothing, like a queen without a crown
So I moved on, but I felt it when you looked at me
Trapped inside a web of emotional misery
And as we worked wizardry in ceramics, it was so clear to see
That we were growing closer, when we shouldn't be

[Chorus: CASH L3WIS]
I want this (this), & you want that (that)
So I push you (you), & you push back
We fight (fight), fuss (fuss), yell (yell), cuss (cuss)
But, we should leave it alone
Leave it alone
We should leave it alone
Leave it alone
We should leave it alone

[Verse 2: CASH L3WIS]
As we physically grew, our friendship did too
It was obvious I still had a thing for you
You would date and so would I, you would break up and then cry
And I tried to be there, ride or die
But you with these other guys, got up under my skin
Cuase' I knew they wanted to f**k you and c*m on your chin
Just to kick you out of the house when they're done with the bone
I would imagine you alone, on the car ride home like
Smeared makeup, holding back tears
Holding back the fact that you've been doing this for years
Making bad decisions, cause you listen to your peers
So you're fighting with your heart, and you're running from your fears
& I base, this vivid premonition from afar
So I am not assuming what I said is what you are
It's an educated guess on what is running through your mind
As we travel through this hell that we designed

[Chorus: CASH L3WIS]

[Verse 3: CASH L3WIS]
When you finally wanted me, I was bullheaded
I took the credit for bedding you then I jetted
After getting you, instead of defending you I offended
I didn't preconceive it though the pain was unintended
But in my own defense, I was waiting for you for years
Waiting for you to see that what you're looking for is here
But all the time I waited, you continued to ignore
Even though you fell for me, so many years before
So when you came a knockin' I was angry and done with it
And when you said you missed me, all I heard was get it
And so I hit it just so I could say I did it
Subconsciously collecting time invested I admit it
We committed, different things at different times
And no ones innocent, we just committed different crimes
But all this back and forth is tiring, I'm not gunna lie
It's time to leave it alone and say goodbye, peace

[Chorus: CASH L3WIS]

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Record Label(s): 2017 ESOT3RIK
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