Swagg Lyrics

[Chorus: 2x]
Yo swagg aint shit like mine(Like Mine)
Everybody fresh Everybody Ride(Ride)
So if U wanna hate nigga get in line(Get in line)
Cash Camp nigga its our time(Our time)

[Young Jitt:]
(Man What!)
I gotta do it shawty, I'm goin ham on em
And When it comes to the Camp bruh u dont want them
We Coming To Yo City, You no its gone Be wild
Make a nigga stay in the house like a bad child
My swagg off the scale, I'm like a bad disease
Im so hot make a nigga catch a nose bleed
Real niggas homie better clear the set quick
Talkin this and that patna dont mix me with that bullshit
Punk bitch state facts next time you talk shit
Cuz the nigga you mad at we dont even f**k with
Young Jitt stay clean, fresher den a peppermint
Dats why these niggas hate cuz they girls addicts like medicine
Luved by the public and all the real niggas aye
Look pass this man it gets no bigger
Aye I tried to tell ya homie I'm young boss
So come see about me shawty when the cameras is off

[Chorus: 2x]

[Lil Lite:]
Boy we paper chasin through the nation, bitch we makin bread
Boy we gettin to the doe f**k what any nigga said
Boy we will get dem thangs up out it
Click,Clack, and bang about it
But when even worried about it cuz ween even heard about ya
Yeah We Yankin Cuz we yankin to the bank bruh
Laughin at these niggas coming from these no namestas
We gettin money so you better get yo cake up
Best to start eatin cuz ya need to get ya weight up
You think it sweet cuz we dance in on stage
Well patna meet me in da parking lot and say it to my face hey
These niggas blind cuz its damn crystal clear
Cash Camp '08 nigga this our year

[Chorus: 2x]

[Lil' Playboy:]
Oh yes, Oh yes these niggas want a problem
Should I let the nigga ride or should I let the Mac 11 solve em
Ok I let it solve em, so watch me solve the problem
Grab the mac, grab he mask bussin like the green goblin
Aye you really want beef Look you don't stand a chance]
We them same niggas dancin with them pistols in our hands
You don't want that glock 9 to click back and unwind
Bust a couple heads and introduce you to that flat line
Swagga Jacka jack mine
Boy you better think twice
Cuz I'ma hit you with that heat and leave yo ass on ice
Its Cash Camp 4 life nigga is you stupid
Boy come from out the sky busin niggas like um cupid

[Chorus: 2x]

[Yella Boy Trent:]
(Check Me Out!)
Nigga who is you boy we been gettin stacks
Big faces plenty haters you'll be just another addict
To my kill list of niggas I niigas to kill niggas
4 these niggas who be wishin they were gettin what im gettin
Playboy told me toss a stack to make it rain yo bitch ass
But I just love to shoot so you betta thank his ass
I damn sho gone kill
Man they real think they real
Someone come get yo kids fo he get his wig split (aye!)
I'm in this thang to win
Aint gt no time to spend
I pop that trunk and get that burna let the fun begin
Gotta let em know get off Cash Camp dick
An before you try to dis build a name for yo click bitch

[Chorus: 2x]

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