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Intro Lyrics

[Intro: Larry June]
Yeah, game related shit, nigga
Check, numbers
Nigga, when you get it out da mud, nigga
Shit just feel different, nigga, you know what I'm sayin'?
You don't know how I feel now 'bout them muf*ckin' foreigns
Nigga, 2019 and shit, nigga
Beatin' they ass, you know what I'm sayin'?
Sun' slight, aye, aye, aye, aye
What's hannin'?

[Verse 1: Larry June]
Slidin' through da tsa, I need all hunids
Lookin' like da president, black car pullin' up
Stopped by da hotel, nigga had to freshen up
Four-hunid dollar cologne, but dat ain't really nun'
Niggas talkin' 'bout dey havin' money
But they really frontin'
I ain't really wit da small talk, baby, run it up
Gotta keep it movin', if you stop, it'll slow you up
Ten, twenty, thirty, bitch, I need a hunid
Gotta move smart, gotta stay on yo' toes
Give a f*ck what you talkin', I need all of my dough
Give a f*ck 'bout a show, I got six ways
Give a nigga two months, and Imma have eight
What's hannin'?
Sippin' on a big mojito in San Diego
They know every verse I drop be fuego
f*ck all dat lil nigga shit, we need big bank
Don't hit my phone, talkin' 'bout, “where da bitch at?”
What's hannin'?

[Verse 2: Payroll]
Never got a cap and gown, instead, I sold crack in pounds
In-between slappin' brown, never see me backin' down
Now, we all legitimate, yeah, we onto bigger shit
Drink some Louis wit me, two-fifty fo' a sip o' this
Louis jeans, expensive kicks, pullin' off in tinted whips
Niggas flaked me, but honestly, Ion give a shit
Never used a nigga name just to gain a lil fame
All you niggas, male-groupies runnin''round hella lame
Me? I'm in my own lane, Rollie cost a whole thang
Get a hunid, move a hunid, nigga, that ain't no thang
I was on my knuckles, out of options, then the load came
By the time I was through wit 'em, then some mo' came
Gotta watch yo' nigga that ain't clappin' 'cause you bigger
Yo' nigga could be yo' killer, then killers gone kill yo' nigga
Move swift and cautious, sold game around bosses
Then you too can get iced-chains and crosses

[Verse 3: hbk]
Meet a person, if you talkin' numbers – f*ck da main line
I know some niggas ballin', and they strugglin' at the same time
I learned a lot of shit, so listen up, I'm givin' game now
Just soak it up and don't complain about hearin' da same rhyme
A bitch played me years ago to f*ck wit a lame guy
Now, she wanna f*ck? I'm cool now, because she ain't fine
A good game, (...), I'm beatin' her by a park
Tinted-glass, all you see is diamonds blingin' in da car
A pistol on deck, I need it - I'm a star(?)
Big. 40 on my mans, and he gone bring it in da bar
I'm scoopin' up cheese, she gone bring it when I park
Den do this shit tomorrow and repeat it after dark
Da piece hit a dummy(?), got a finger-ring on da way
Yo' bitch can't stop thinking how this ding-a-ling gonna taste
To have my hands, you'll cut yours
I count Ben Franks, you count Mount Rushmores
It's a difference, uh

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