Stripper Hoe Lyrics

Sweat on demand

I'm your

Yo, I'm Cardi B with the wicked flow
Ask them, I keep them niggas on their tippy toes
Nick-nack-paddy-wack, give a dog a bone
Got him runnin' home, f*ck him good, get that money flow
p*ssy got him goin' places he would never go
p*ssy got him cookin', now he wanna clean the stove
p*ssy got him f*cked up, I think he overdosed
But I ain't Travis Scott, I ain't got no antidote
Antidote, antidote

I think I like that
I think I like that
I think I like that
I think I like that

Yo, some people know me as a stripper hoe
But stripper hoes get the money and blow digits though
A lot of bitches talkin' down on me like I'm a joke
Talk shit, I'll f*ck your man, send him back hella broke
Ha, I'm laughin', but I really mean it though
I'm on another level like I'm playin' Mario
These bitches can't see me, even with a telescope
Every day I'm shittin' on 'em, I don't flush the toilet bowl
Ew! Cause I be workin' and workin'
All these heads I be turnin', they on my body like surgeons
I think they see my conversion
That's why they be lurkin', but their feelings be hurtin'
Or remember when I wanna dance at certain clubs
And they told me, "No, no, that's a dub"
Now they the same niggas blowin' up my phone
Wantin' me to host, oh word? That's a dub
Bands, bands, bands, bands

I think I like that (I got in my feelin's)
(I know, I know they mad now)
I think I like that
(I know they feel my flow now)
I think I like that (say that one more time)
(Here are my feelings)
I think I like that

When I come up in the building I initiate
I'm the reason why motherf*ckers gotta renovate
I'm eatin' good and they mad they can't get a plate
Never thought we'd be gettin' booked in different states
Before the surgery they didn't even look this way
Now they wanna eat my ass like a skirt steak
Got 'em sending gifts, it's not even my birthday
You niggas soft and I meant that in the worst way
Oh you bitches suckin' dick just to get a bag
You hustlin'-backwards ass bitch, you're doin' bad
It's pretty sad, you should be getting more than that
Suck a dick so you can pay your rent, couple months with that
I mention flow, keep it on the low, I tell you facts
When a nigga 'bout to cum, just throw it back
It's over, you won, that nigga trapped
And that bank account, girl? Empty that

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Songwriter(s): Cardi B
Record Label(s): 2016 KSR Group
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