Best Foot Forward Lyrics

[Intro: More or Les scratches]
"Making Moves"
"Up Next we got More or Les"
"And special guest Rhythmicru"
"Got some* *sick talents"
"On the beat, D-Ray the kid"
"On the mic, Cale the Lyricist"
"On the cuts, on the mic, L.E.S."
"Show them brothers you're nice"

[Verse 1: More or Les]
With the push of a button or the twist of a dial
You're getting this MC and plenty of shit* *they call style
Is what I bring, vocals that sing
My girlfriend says I have perfect pitch
And I ain't trying to waist a gift, but I'd rather be rapping
You know like lyrics, Emceeing
My whole life, so you're like hearing and seeing
The words like in bold type, underlined, even
Italicized, word perfect Son
I get you hooked from Chapter one
Like a murder mystery, Play the record theory
Hear the first forty seconds and wanna own it when I'm performing
It ain't much different, here to flow the distance
And rap great out the gate, rehearse that ass
I remove any doubt that you had
In the sound system, whether I go first or last

[Chorus: More or Les & Cale Sampson]
(More or Les)
Put my Best Foot Forward when rocking shows
From the beginning I got skills and want you all to know
(Cale Sampson)
I put my Best Foot Forward inside the booth
When I'm in the studio I always spit the truth
(More or Les)
I put my Best Foot Forward when writing rhymes
So I can give rap it's proper shine
I put my Best Foot Forward (Forward) Forward (Forward)
Cause it's backwards to not show what you're worth

[Verse 2: Cale Sampson]
Yeah, these two Vans Warped tour vets
Perform sets 'till we have no vocals chords left
Forget a chord less, even with a sore chest
I can still rhyme all night on my porch steps
And if your CD stinks like horse breath
It'll just be tossed, like how a dwarf gets
That's why I always come freakier than porn sex
But you'll never hear like a baby that's born deaf
Don't you feel like were being ignored (Yes)
Hip hop's gotta take a look to the north next
Canada hasn't had much support yet
But we still aren't bitter like a divorced ex
And I don't need anymore stress
Find it hard to escape like indoor pets
More or Les and Cale with the chorus
You can sing it if you know it, or just do your best

[Chorus: Cale Sampson & More or Les]
(Cale Sampson)
I put my Best Foot Forward when it comes to friends
They know they can count on me to be there in the end
(More or Les)
I put my Best Foot Forward to make some dough
So my family and my business can grow
(Cale Sampson)
I put my Best Foot Forward everything that I do
Long as I'm trying my best, there's no way I can lose
I put my Best Foot Forward (Forward) Forward
Cause it's backwards to not show what you're worth

[Verse 3: More or Les & Cale Sampson]
(More or Les)
Good breakfast, firm handshake
Great blind date is what my rhymes are like
Hype out the starting blocks like ("C'mon feet")
Rap-a-lete, handing off the baton to Cale, we don't fail
In this relay, it's D-Ray that runs the track
("Yeah I said it"), cause people download and they don't read credits
So I put my Best Foot Forward, to make sure that
Everybody gets represented
(Cale Sampson)
No doubt, so grab a headband and a pair of sweat pants
Our metaphors move faster than your legs can
And give you head cramps, like doing a keg stand
Only way that we'll stop is for the Red Ants
That stand out like breast implants
After this there will be no second chance
Especially if your style blows like dead amps
I'm like Napoleon when he led France
I put my Best Foot Forward

[Outro: More or Les scratches]
"Making moves... Forward" [x8]

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Record Label(s): 2009 Independent

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