Dedication Lyrics

* With my eyes open I tried to focus
I see my mother
Squeezing my hand teary eyed behind her
I see my brothers
and I wonder, how quick the game would take me under
I felt the bullets hit me in the back and it felt like thunder
Man, I'm thinkin is it too late for me to change?
I knew this world is full of snakes dog but thats a part of the game
a young thug that always scream I aint afraid of rain
I would just fight it out with Lord when I had no one to blame
from all the dirt I did
snatchin purses to pay the rent
I knew it would all catch up to me
man I hope i'm heaven sent
I used to be the main one screamin nigga i'm prepared to die
and when it came down to me layin on the death bin I was scared to die
no evidence of a killa when I found a bird in my dresser
and if I don't die here
i'll die tracin your hot desert
I can't win for losin to meet a whole gang of snakes
never thought about killin myself
but I refuse to die at the stake

Nigga, have you ever been sittin in your car nigga, rollin up a blunt?
when a nigga comes up to your window and gives you a whole clip?

Nah you aint ever had that, you aint ever experienced that

Have you ever been walkin through the park,
with your kids and your family, and a nigga comes out the bushes and
gives you and your family a whole clip?

No you aint ever had that

I remember when I had it made
13 with a whole verb
used to catch me comin down the street clownin in my convertible Ford ??
I used to be all on the curb
tryin to holla at me a shorty
with my right hand do dub
and me sippin up on a 40
me and my nigga used to have it made
we used to even f*ck the same bitches
we used to spend weeks and even months on the corner tryin to maintain
our riches
remember we used to cut and go to other schools
and I slayed them niggas with lyrics
had the whole school late for class
cuz they all wanted to stay to hear it
I want to thank you my nig
cuz everytime i'm at war
you was always on my side
remember that time you almost died nigga
and I saved your life
yeah my dog that aint shit
nigga i'd do that a 1000 times
remember back when we was kids
and I had like 1000 rhymes
I aint forgot we unloaded the desert eagles
nigga to save my brothers
the other niggas started the war
then they snitched
when they asked who I smothered
to my niggas sittin in a cell
doin 34 with an L
they can't seperate us by jail
we all stuck in the same hell
I love you dawg

I'm in my room
tryin to make ends meet
got on the phone
have my whole crew
meet me at the end of my street
I ain't wit havin no weed to smoke
no drink, and bein broke
nigga we got to hit the bank loc
and thats real aint no joke
take me over to the projects
so I can steal me a regal
then we gonna run over to big Pooks house
so I can pick up those Desert Eagles
y'all fools ready for this
it's on and crackin at noon
we gonna get in and get out quick
with all the money we can consume
we hit em right
we hit em hard
and I got addicted
this shit is like a monkey on my back
and I can't kick it
so i'm robbin banks left and right
everything is goin good
till I hooked up with this one nigga
from the other side of the hood
he was a hothead
he'd come in the banks shootin guards and shit
when we got out the bank and split the money
them other niggas he would rob and shit
when the feds came sniffin around
thats when I knew he was a bitch
when the feds hit my house and put me on the ground
thats when I knew he was a snitch

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