Ain't No Sunshine Lyrics

(feat. Tuna Bug)

Boy ya can't f**k with this, You bust caps at my Regal and ya missed
Boy ya can't f**k with this, You bust caps at my Regal and ya missed
Boy ya can't f**k with this, You bust caps at my Regal and ya missed

[Verse 1:]
Boy ya can't f**k with this, Ya bust caps at my Regal
Now you're done-diddy-done-didddy-done
And nothing can save ya
Creepin' through your city it's the garden block gator
And I got hemmed up by the feds because of snitches
Shoot up your whole block with the fully's hittin' switches
Since I was new to the city
Ya thought bustin' caps was gonna scare a G off like a kitty? Hell nah
I refuse to loose respect, break necks
To get mines big niggas get checked
And it don't matter who ya are
Cause once you're dead and gone, lfacin' up at stars
It Ain't No Sunsine

[Chorus: x2]
Ain't no sunshine, Ain't no sunshine
Ain't no sunshine, when ya gone

[Verse 2:]
I keep my mind on survivin', one in the chamber
My pistol when I'm ridin'
One-times want me dead, the judge wants me strapless
Praying that I'm next to get stuck up on a jack-list
They got me guilty until proven innocent
Cracked my juvenile files, want me washed up the Nile
So-called homies turned on me, and tattled
Had me rattled when I heard the feds was in Seattle
Punk bitch snitches die suckin' on a dick
Wrapped in plastic, floating with they throats slit
Straight razor ear-to-ear nosey ones get stitch scars
Watch the homies hit that ass cause on the yard It Ain't No Sunshine

[Chorus: x2]
Ain't no sunshine, Ain't no sunshine
Ain't no sunshine, when ya gone

[Verse 3:]
See, some think their bad cause they bigger
Sucka-ass nigga caught a slug in the liver
Layin' on the concrete bleedin out the kidney
f**kin with a young G, got buck quickly
Dropped the gat in his drawers, gave up his set
Spit a loogie on his chest showing no regret
A murder-man, killa, mad at the world
Natural born, jackin bitches for diamonds and pearls
Come bangin' on my door, 15's stacked
I answered with the Mac cause I'm sittin' on Yac
See I'm a G from the hood the BG's idol
I front them caine on the spot cause money is survival
He says whatsup big homie, give a nigga daps
And put that [? ] under the door as I gets the sack
I'm on my toes so be hold on that bergalin'
Cause ain't no sunshine for murder-men

[Verse 4: Tuna Bug]
It's the loc dog psycho, so go for your gun
Cause I'm a go for mine and be a nigga on the run
So that shotgun splatters, eatin' up yo shit
The loom-loon-loom got your windshield in your face, bitch
You can't f**k with a criminal
I fill your shit with holes then send your ass to your funeral
Then who knows, the getaway scheme
Back three's through the G to my house in the tree
I'm livin low, but most of it's high
Cotton mouth the most I think I'll blame it on the buddah thai
And that's why, I live off the gat
Why throw it away? with or without it they gon' watch my ass
Cause it's my first strike so a nigga go for blood
So when it's on, it's me or the fuzz
I'm stuck in the slum and bound to get mine
With one life to live, it Ain't No Sunshine


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Songwriter(s): Bill Withers
Record Label(s): 1995 AWOL Records
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