The Reasoning Lyrics

Wah gwaan me g?
Wah yuh deh deh a maths up?
Know me deh ya, a bun a spliff and a wait pon a gyal fi get mi cock suck
Bumboclaat dawg she nah nuh friend?
Ask har whats up?
Beg ya gyal nuh dawg, whether false hair or locks up
Jah know chargie (eeh)
Long time ennuh dawg
'Memba dem time when we use to have bare gyal inna the yard
f*ck all my girl and 'ar sister fi a hundred dollar card
A truu u deeven know ennuh dawg
Anyway the strap me get weh day, like it stop buss
Pull it down, oil it up, clean it; still a act up
Dawg yuh still a pree dem way deh, yuh waan get lock up?
Inna prision mek me tell uh dis no gyal no down deh a back up
Nine man pon cell a GP
Down deh pack up
Den dawg nuh you use to tell me seh yuh head hot up?
Head hot up?
Dawg, right now a money man a stack up
Work hard fi me things have the paper stack up
Pickney affi feed plus me gyal belly fat up
Bomboclaat dawg! Nuh you seh is a gyal ya wait pon?
Eeh nud di one Michelle fi come check me from Braeton
Me nuh know weh the blodclaat a gyal deh so long
She goodly a beg a drive ya now and a blow dung a taxi man
Yo dem gyal ya wicked dawg from creation
Ayye yuh 'memba weh di big ole gyal Eve do to Adam?
Wah dat? Inna di middle a the garden the gyal a f*ck Satan!
Ayye wait man, me mada Christian so wa yuh nuh rate man?
Ye man
When last yuh read di bible?
When last yuh go a church and pray man?
Dawg, a straight hustle the thing deh pon
Man a pree some jordans, straight jeans and all some ray bans
Nah seh yuh cyah mek the money but your way wrong
This bagga gun gun gun thing everyday with bare man
Rass! See the gyal just text me
A say she reach a Half-Way-Tree and a say yuh nah come get me?
Wah me meet 'ar a KFC and buy 'ar a zinger and a pepsi
Bomboclaat dawq the gyal can hungry!
(You have one minute remaining on this call)
Auye! Da suck hood gyal ya just a tell me say me ave one minute
Yo dawq just gwan wol it! Ma call yuh back, just gwan wol it!
Me aguh mash up some work and call yuh back and run yuh bout three credit
Wol a we aguh rich dawg fat man deck out and bare credit
House pon hill wid pretty gyal and...
Jah know the dawg phone cut off
Hope him no get himself inna no trouble and nun go buss off
All some waste man wah par wid di g dem boy deh fe f*ck off
Wol' a dem fi guh dung a town a water front and just gu chuck off
Pick up a gyal yenow
Get me cocky suck right now

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Songwriter(s): Busy Signal

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