Poetic Justice (freestyle) Lyrics (ft. Q-tip)

[Verse 1: Busta Rhymes]
Look, tell me what you really wanna see
I had the greatest experince
You can have video, what's it gonna be?
I had to say it, wowin', my heartbeat started poundin'
Walked on the set while she got dressed
and cocked wings on her outfit
Janet, why you doin' this to me?
At the time I couldn't believe we both were starrin' in this movie
You in my video, you know a nigga loved it
I spent 2.4 million on the f*ckin' budget
All my jewelry flooded, see how the kid was on?
First rap nigga album you're ever featured on
And I was weak in the Lord
Despite the things we said
My first words to Hype Williams is “I can't believe this dream”
Shot a solo scene, I tried to make mines better
But I love when we shot together
And we rubbed up on each other
But I'm a little jealous, Tip
Your tongue went in her mouth
In that Poetic Justice movie, from what I can account
You know what we be 'bout

Any time, huh?
Any place, baby?

Now, you know, at the time, I was really I really had my crush on shorty, man, you know what I mean? Yeah, I was in love with shorty since she was Benny and all that on Good Times and shit, you know what I mean? Ayo, come one, you's a f*cked up dude for doin' that to me, man, you broke my heart with that, man.
[Verse 2: Q-Tip]
Come on, Buss, you know how many dudes say that to me? Like
Once a day – girl, truly
We grew up with her through the lens of a camera
Didn't have much, but dare said I'm havin' her
Shorty was the joint, here's my case and point
Me and 'Pac rollin' L's in the trailer
Both of us get to schemin' how to nail her
First movie 'bout to come out in the theatre
Pleasure principle, butt to the makeup truck
So ill, I gave her my code
We kissed, I took her control
We swapped as all the film rolled
A marathon, we kept this good thing goin'
Sunset, the moon, it came on
In my mind it would prolong
Listen the scene was deaded, but I wanted my own edit
Me and Justice kissin' keep it goin', two pros with credit
A memorable summer in '92 out in Cali
When I got back up top my niggas asked about the fatty
And did I smash her madly, to that I had to answer
Negative, but I'd give anything to be her dancer
A captivatin' lady, I used to be her baby
Good Times, they never fadin'
Look back and celebrate Poetic Justice

[Outro: Janet Jackson]
At any time, and any place
I don't care who's around

In the thundering rain
You stare into my eyes

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