Cut From A Different Cloth Lyrics

You see it is what it is, that’s when I take a moment and look, and see just how the light is shinin on me, see how we takin off, no matter how you try to stop it, see you can never take this from me, see somethin that you never knew is that i, cut from a different cloth.

See im different from most of you niggas how I was bred
All the way down in the DNA and the blood that I shed
Down to shit I value and the love that I spread
Then I realize our perspective is different from what I see in my head
Nowadays niggas get caught in the web
Posin and frontin until you step to em and they regret what the said
Its funny how niggas that gamble with they life til they get hit up with led
Examples is triflin I look em instead I continue my focus gettin my bread
Tell me where the f*ck is your manners at lil’ niggas
I swallow niggas like yall, fall on niggas like yall
Don’t know what ur doin but im sorry for niggas like yall
Look, why you wonderin why im sayin what im sayin
Maybe if you would listen you smart, you probably realize I aint dissin
Just distinguish the difference how it conditions see I was conditioned
to be that nigga to create a plan and instated
yall been conditioned to study and follow the plan I created
identify me as one of the greatest


Wait! (wait wait wait) hold on! Let me continue to get you to the to grow on
Being that most of you lack the ability to make hits or so on
Guess whos back the powerful impact
Soon as I drop people wanna go run out in the streets and get dat
And run right back to they truck and bust off the rappers sick from how I spit dat
So appreciate it now people made it this thing I do seem like its the greatest
From a thought that was created successfully forced through all of the hatred
By givin you that special music that bring the heart of the now and the sequal
The soul of the hood and the votes of the people
The streets be the range and my bran while I struggle to keep a balance and equal
By givin yall bangers that everybody gon' love
We gotta master this, just had to captivate him and make him throw up
Niggas rilin from stadiums to low clubs
See when I come and make my return I school you niggas
Obtaining that information you need to come and just study my statements
No replies, just identify me as one of the greatest, the greatest, the greatest


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