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Feel Tha Heat Lyrics Ft. Don Antonio And Moteck

[Intro- Don Antonio]
It’s Don Antonio, I’m back again, okay- BuGsi, Moral Technik, uhn..

[Verse 1- Don Antonio]
From under the seas, to the heavenlies,
I pervade all the earth with my melody
I’ll put insanity to all humanity
And have them stuck to the ground like gravity.
I’m never gon’ stop, one by one you all drop
Your life is like a story but today I put the full stop
You hear the glock pop then you hear your heart stop
Uhh… I take you down like a good cop
(like a good cop) my flow is therapeutic
Like chloroquine- I hope you aint allergic (okay)
Paranoid- you getting prophylactic
Now you feel the consequences of your lack of tactics
(oh boy) stepping on you leprechauns
Way under my feet so I don’t think I need a f*ckin’ gun
When I hit, you f*cking run, just as dumbs- f*cking blonde
My flow is like a bubblegum- you cannot help but chew it on!
On.. bring it on if you can
Try to mess with me- I’ll dip your leg in my shock tank
Don’t think youre tough cos you gangbang
Or I’ll pull this steel through your stomach ‘til your guts hang!
haha! See I am wicked, nigga
Look into my eyes as I pull the f*cking trigger!
My flow is like my dick and there is nothing bigger,
So get out of the way- make way for Don Antonio, Nigger!!

[Interlude- BuGsi and Don Antonio]
Okay, BuGsi, go get ‘em
You don’t need to tell me twice, nigger, yeah
I’m on the mic., so everybody shut up, shut up, shut up, listen, listen, listen
Yeah, it’s BuGsi, nigger

[Verse 2- BuGsi]
Yes you- guess who’s rapping on the Mic. in verse two?
Rapping for the beats and repping for the streets and using my spit to oppress you.
Punch lines, lyrical blows, typical flows, killing my foes,
Giving them hits- feeling my heat on the beat and they sit on the street- it’s sweet
As sex and the city- on both cassette and VCD
See me selling my CD, chilling with Simi my sweetie
See me deciding the setting; insinuating and stating,
Just emulating Bin Laden, Saddam, and running the city
Right from the left, right, up, down, forget all them other clowns,
f*ck Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kanye West, man, I run the town,
Freaky, freaky- wake up now, wait a second, take your time,
J-Town in my hand- I can build it up or break it down!
Thinking I’m faking? Just wait a second and take in
The words I’m spitting and speaking- they sick as Suka or 6tyn
And you can check me this weekend and you may find me at my residence,
Flows so ill… man, I’m sicker than the president!
Listen- I promise everybody that I’m never ever gonna leave again,
Never leave the game, that’s what I meant in “To The Flow”, you know-“Man I came in the game”
It’s insane- I don’t even need to explain shit to you- you should get what I’m saying
Straight to your brain- straight to the centre it enters presenting, depends on the whens and
Hence you discern it- just decipher the sonic
In case you don’t understand it- I’m taking over this planet
This world is mine- it’s been mine since 1995,
Sorry, ’92, 1992, f*ck it! This world is mine!

[Verse 3- MoTeck]
Yo! light up my buzzwax here like cigar (yeah),
Ride on top of cheetahs like my name was Kumar (yo)
Held back by gravity- I’m living live obsessions,
I do a lot of hard work- my outcome is bizarre!
Here’s another word for the Lazy-ass suckers
You wanna finish first? You gotta pick it from baseline,
Walk into my closet- see your future televised,
Send me the Rainman- I’m bringing back the sunshine
Making life beautiful- pictures in HD
Paid a lot of dues, man, my wage is over balance,
Set to make a difference, this shit is mine to do
Look at me right now- I know you starstruck.. uh
Spectacular music that I make- so miraculous
Drive her all the time, I make it happen- who’s the greatest?
Busting your lips all the time like vernacular
Running for my service any time For your convenience, yeah (go get ‘em baby *echo*)

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