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Swag Like An Asian Lyrics

[Intro: Penis Bailey & Lil Dinky]
Yeah, it's the Buckwheat Groats y'all
This song is for all the Asian people out there. Mongolians, Vietnamese, if you're an Asian person right now I'll need you to just
Bounce, bounce, yeah
And even if you're not Asian, even if you just have the pleasure of knowing an Asian person in your life, then I need you to just, just...
Just throw your f*ckin' hands up!

[Hook: Penis Bailey and Lil' Dinky]
I'm swag like an Asian, basil bok-choy every day we be blazin'
I'm swag like an Asian, spicy green curry every day we be blazin'
I'm swag like an Asian, edamame peas every day we be blazin'
Been to a hundred million nations but ain't nobody got swag like them Asians

[Hook: Lil' Dinky]

I'm swag like a motherf*cking Asian baby
8 pounds China White that's an Asian baby
Poppy seeds got your boy f*cked up
So many Asian bitches with me that's the Joy Luck Club
I'm eating good, got the Buddha belly
Call my weed Chinatown cause it's super smelly
Kush make you choke you can call it SARS
Yeah we smoking L's but we call em R's
I make the haters wanna harakiri
Wooden sandals hopping out the fish sauce Ferrari
Y'all see I perform like Lee
Any one: Bruce, Ang, Chang-Rae, Brandon, one
Take a brick and divide it I'm good at math
Count a hundred thousand stacks yeah I'm good at math
In the seaweed suit bitch I'm Sushi Made
So icey: Kristi Yamaguccimane


[Verse 2: Penis Bailey]

I'm steaming on some bok choy
My hood is like Tiananmen Square: the block is hot boy
You know my steez, I'm swag like a Japanese
I'm stacking G's like the dude from the Black Eyed Peas (You know the one)
Walk up to your girl I'm like “ni hao”
I think she wants ze-dong, no Chairman Mao
Doing jujitsu with your chick in bed
Put some nuts on your girl that's my Kung Pao chickenhead
Whip the work up in a clay pot
Big bang no K-Pop sucka my AK pop
Bandz a make a geisha buss' it like the Fung Wah
We ain't stopping till we got that Connie Chung guap
Play with my Wons I'ma turn your house to Khe Sanh
I'm Genghis Khan with a wang chain on, HANH
I'm with your Ho Chi Minh, we blazin' Pol Pot
Put a red pepper next to my name I'm f*ckin hot


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