Puttin' Check Down Lyrics

No, oh God no, what have you done?
For every action there's an equal or greater reaction
Shit happens for the hearing impaired in closed-yacking
If I can't get no motherf**king satisfaction
We don't snatch kids, here we go nicknapping
Tell ya in plain English, not in Pig Latin
My enemies just straight lucky I been rappin
But even when I get rich I'm still gon' trap men
Addicted to the thrill of the hunt and big action
I don't bungee jump or skydive to get a rush
Tying punks up, lumpin' em up is fun enough
These are ghetto extreme sports to us
Stayin' combo and buy 5-0 with guns tucked
Daily, testin' my nuts f**kin' with Lady Luck
Beat a nigga to the punch and I stomp him in the slush
Sip beer and smoke blunts, put humps in dump trucks
Went to school with the garbageman and keeps it on the hush
For a few thousand bucks, we ghetto fabulous

[Chorus x4:]
Puttin' check down
Step down, or let's get down
And then we burn down the next town

I'm a loose cannon
That mean I bust without planning
Harry Zorannon, keeps all business handlin'
It's a lot of money in the streets I got my hands in
Take food out my kid mouth, nigga, you gambling
With your life against niggas used to scrambling
Doin' dirt, puttin' in work, distributin' hurt
In wars over turf, slip here, we cling & jerk
When I ??murk??, tires chirp, I'm the black Wyatt Earp
Lookin' for a reason to let my new heater burst
You ain't the first or the last nigga that I made the ??past vision??
Down, for the get-down nigga, how you figga?
Not too many fools livin' nice so on the trigga
Duckin' me is like not touchin' snow in a blizzard
Or a black man blushing, can't happen, no discussion
So stop frontin' before I plan your abduction
????????This gas all up in it got drama too deep to debted????????
f**k credit, you owe me your life and I come to get it

[Chorus x4:]
Puttin' check down
Step down, or let's get down
And then we burn down the next town

I believe I can fly, never die, I ain't gun shy
One god to you bitchass niggas hung high
Become my victims from tryin' to steal my sunshine
Talk shit but when they see me in the flesh, tongue-tied
Hypnotized, why actin' all lady-like?
Paralyzed by the nightmares I brung to life
Put out there like a deer in the metro's headlights
My eyes are two scopes with the infrared sights
It's natural to ride, we kill to stay alive
It's self defense, so I don't call it homocide
I'm like a wild animal with the will to survive
And yo, even at church I got a gun or a knife
Prepare for the holy war, second coming of Christ
Step to one of my boys, we all jump in the fight
Young, dumb, and full of cum, still stuck in the life

[Chorus x4:]
Puttin' check down
Step down, or let's get down
And then we burn down the next tow

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