Run Away Lyrics

(feat. Frankie J)

[Verse 1]
I don't need this, all I need is us - come on girl let's put it in the wind
I don't care none about no one, if they loved us they should it did it when
They had a chance but now the dance is over and fa sho its our way time
Let the top down, we can't stop now, explain the past - baby I ain't tryin
I ain't lyin, when I say we done came of age and when thangs done changed
Time to spread our wings, fly to better things, pack ya suitcase todays the day
Don't tell ya momma don't tell ya sister it'll only complicate the issue
We'll mail 'em a box of tissues, the only one that loves you is right here with you
Girl don't ever look back, our destiny awaits us
And whatever place we pump the brakes I'll work my hands to the bone n just what it takes to
Give us everything our folks never had, I'm prepared for that
It may take a while but Ima make ya smile forever I said a prayer for that and
I know he's listenin atleast to this one, if you never heard none of the others
This is me and you and Im'a see it through from this highway to under the covers, baby!

Oohhhhh Hoooooo!
I wanna run away with you (I wanna run away, I wanna run away)
I wanna run away with you (cuz baby your my everything)
I wanna run away with you (I wanna run away, I wanna run away)
I wanna run away with you (cuz baby your my everything)

[Verse 2]
We got off the exit in Waco, Frankie J was on the radio
I asked her was she afraid to go all the way with this, she delayed to know
I said baby I just need to know, if you ain't down we can turn around
Your happiness is my happiness and thats the only thing thats concernin me now
Just hurt me now, she said "would you please just let me talk for once?"
Then all at once she went in to how she been tryin to prevent this all for months
Not at all because she didn't love me and only me, it's just that she
Had withheld one vital piece of info, she looked up at me
With both eyes full of tears, she said "you remember that day at the clinic?
I went in with the doctor and told you I did it? I wasn't able to go through with it"
No you didn't, how could you? Wait a minute, that makes you what?
3 months and some change, well baby doll that just ain't enough
To derail us cuz see, that just means there's three of us
But answer this, at what point did you think this topic should be discussed?
I don't know whether to cry or smile, but somehow I'm doin both
But this changes nothin, I got 2 babies and I solemnly swear to be true to both, baby!


[Bridge - Frankie J]
I wanna run, wanna run away
There's nothin they can do or say to make us stay
I wanna run, wanna run away
There's nothin they can't do, there's nothin they can't say
I wanna run, wanna run away
I wanna run, wanna run away
I wanna run away, baby


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Songwriter(s): Catalin Postelnicu, James Darrell Hargrove Ii, Warren Anderson, Frank Bautista, Warren Mathis, Jayson Bridges, Mihai Ciprian Rogojan, Jimmy Hargrove, Francisco Bautista
Record Label(s): 2006 Virgin Records America, Inc All rights reserved Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws Manufactured by Virgin Records A
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