Summer Of '69 Lyrics

I got my first real six-string
Bought it at the five-and-dime
Played it till my fingers bled
It was the summer of '69

Me and some guys from school
Had a band and we tried real hard
Jimmy quit and Joey got married
I shoulda known we'd never get far
Oh when I look back now
That summer seemed to last forever
And if I had the choice
Ya - I'd always wanna be there
Those were the best days of my life

Ain't no use in complainin'
When you got a job to do
Spent my evenin's down at the drive-in
And that's when I met you

Standin' on your mama's porch
You told me that you'd wait forever
Oh and when you held my hand
I knew that it was now or never
Those were the best days of my life

Back in the summer of '69

Man we were killin' time
We were young and reckless
We needed to unwind
I guess nothin' can last forever - forever

And now the times are changin'
Look at everything that's come and gone
Sometimes when I play that old six-string
I think about ya wonder what went wrong

Standin' on your mama's porch
You told me it would last forever
Oh the way you held my hand
I knew that it was now or never
Those were the best days of my life

Back in the summer of '69

It was the summer of '69

Me and my baby in '69

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Songwriter(s): Bryan Adams, James Douglas Vallance
Record Label(s): 1984 A&M Records
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Meaning to "Summer Of '69" song lyrics (31 meanings)
Bumper July 28, 2014-22:37

News flash people!!!! "69" not about a year!!! Why does nobody ever get that. Saw an interview with Bryan where he talked about it. He was surprised when people thought he he meant 1969.
Cpt. December 28, 2013-17:11

Nostalgia... and I was born in '89, but this song is immortal and speaks through the ages. Makes me wish I could go back in time to my high school years. Really makes me look at the decisions I've made, and to not regret them, but instead to embrace the consequences and learn from my mistakes, to hopefully arrive at the final destination of wisdom and strength only attained through personal hardship.
M!KE September 9, 2012-14:01

Omg this song make me sad evrydy coz this song take me to the time of my school life .... really i miss my budies but i still lv this song
Debabrata August 9, 2012-16:36

This is the 1st english song which i hard in my school life.till now it is the best & it will.hats off.
HAZZEL NUT June 8, 2012-10:42

OH now i understood why tejas only listen to this song n why not any other n why he has only this song in his 512 MB memory card in his cell phone
patxtreme83 May 5, 2012-2:00

I may be young, born in 1996, but I know good music when I hear it. Bryan must've been one helluva rich guy with music like this... kinda makes me wish I was born earlier, so that I could see him live
wesley 65 March 2, 2012-14:36

This song is anazing I wish it was the 80's and whoever hates this song,where did u come from this song means a lot to everyone who was growing up as a child in the 70's and 80's u rock Bryan!
ghostsoul February 26, 2012-16:18

I love this song, even though im only a teen i still love this song, imagining how it was for my parents generation, very catchy song too! :D
Sam February 22, 2012-12:08

It's one of the best songs ever. It make's u wanna go back in time and live that summer over anf over again.
CourtneyLynn February 20, 2012-0:34

Wow this song is great. I Absolutely love Bryan Adams. I was born in 1996 but I love this music. This song really makes me think of how life was for my dad growing up. I love it.
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