What I Got To Do Lyrics

"Baby what I got to do to make you be my lady.
I always going be right there no acting shady.
I can't lie that when I see you, you drop me crazy.
Something beautiful something amazing.
Baby what I got to make you be my wife.
Love you all the time making you right.
Come with me and make love all night.
No matter what comes through I going to fight.
I love you and for you I would die
I love you with all my heart
So plis don't live don't said good bye."

[Verse 1:]
I was a wake in the middle of the night.
If I know rest that my girl was not in my side.
In was my baby that I was dreaming.
She got me alone screaming her name.
Now I'm in a shame.
You got burn with the flame.
I needed take a lil rap-tap.
That she got another fool, & that shit is wack.
Crack like hell, he is not that well, he got you fell.
His boring nothing to said nothing to tell.
O well I do.
That I still remember all those times that I had with you.
What we being trough!
But I guess you got your self something new.
I loved you a lot and you knew,
That was truth.
Missing your hugs and kisses too.
You got me all night in the moon.
Grabbing your hair, grabbing your hand.
Wishing being your man again.
Tu sabes lo mucho que tea mo, te quiero mi sielo.
Si no estas con migo tu sabes que me muero.
Toma tu tiempo aunque me desespero.
No ay pedo porque te quiero.
But the time is passing on.
Another reason why you got me so lone.
No letters no phone calls
Doing my life all wrong.
I hope you understand, so hear my lil song.

[Verse 2:]
It was 7oclock in the morning,
In my way going to school,
That was the only time I could it see through.
But why are you doing me like this.
All those hugs all those kiss.
Now you're not mine you're his.
Tell me that you really want me.
So I can take every bad things that on my mind.
Not being alone all the time
Make me realize that you're my only 1 in my heart.
The only one that I would love,
The only one that I would trust.
So let me take another minute
I'm not finish
Let me tell you that
He estado todo solo abrasando una almuada.
Contento si estubieras en mi cama y en mi alma.
Estado basio mi Corazon.
Pero muerto por la desesperasion.
Todo muy sabio sonando besando tus labios.
This is 1 of my confession,
Ima go to church and take my lesson.
To much of expression.
So come on girl and paid attention.
Lets do it lets make our own relation.
We can be in a nation.
Come to my life lets get really connection.

[Verse 3:]
I can't find the way so u can make me
Happy and better.
Wishing that we will be together forever.
Girl are you down for me?
So we can be on eternity, asta el fin.
Give you anything, everything.
Girl you blow my mind and my shine.
All my sad feelings that I have inside.
It burns my heart
When you're not by my side.
In lost in time
Getting crazy over you
Now I'm drinking wine.
Make it real make it happen.
Make me think I mean something.
I got stuck with my lord,
Praying everyday.
So I can possible have you again.
Now is to late, you got your self a new man.
Playing me with this game.
Felling alone cuz you can't stay.
Hurt my heart now you have to pay.
Nothing is going to be my same.
Not even if you trying be my best friend.
I can't breathe no more
You got me suffocate.
Bad taste to late.
You got me alone again.
It's sad be alone, it's sad be at home.
Thinking all the time
Saying this 3 words.
Baby girl I can't lie that you
Are my only world.
You got me like your enemy.
This shit it can't be happening.
Destruyendo mi mundo.
Tengo un fuerte sentimiento
Muy profundo, taking a pond.
I just don't wana be alone at all.
I just want you to call, want you to come.
That's all baby girl.

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