Groov Lyrics (ft. Asher Roth)

Now, I could be a suit, office with a view
Check with a good resume and no tattoos
But I'd rather just groove, everybody just move

Yo, what you know about groove?
Your neighborhood is on the news
And I could buy my hood with all this shit I spent on school
That's the cold truth, still I fly some rad gold
Impressing girls with money that I got back from my loan
This is new game, pop said back in the day that
Nobody ever got to rot two chains, generation change, the wheels in my hands
I probably never get this feeling again
The moon lighting up, what we dream to attain
The shit Max said that was etched in his veins
So I can meet a chick that will think I'm the shit
And ignore that I hit other chicks, no regret
And then tell her friends that she got with the get
The attend rock shows and got gold on his wrist
Shit, hell that process goes, I never liked to call my old girls those
I'm only human, plus I'm living through my music
Look, I see problems every day so I gotta get my groove in
Shit, you know I gotta get my groove in
So go on and let me get my groove in

Now, I could be a suit, office with a view
Check with a good resume and no tattoos
But I'd rather just groove, everybody just move
Oh, baby, you, you got what I need
And you might be cute but you're not no freak

And baby, I need that, I wrote it out
Girls that always love to smell that weed, yeah, that's my dream
And you know my crew, living like James Dean
Cause we playing out this movie till the very last scene
We living so fast that we just crash and I perish in my parents' minivan, back seat
Probably we ain't slept in like a week, no
Growing up, a rebel without a cause
I was on the bus, a rebel without a card
Got in trouble with the law at a loss
First time I went and get up in them draws, you can trust
Parents stressed, the tailor lost an inch when your mama walked on in us
Watch your ?? in your hairy mess
But that was our groove when your mama coming back
‘Cause we in the living room, I don't wanna see my answer, all these tattoos
Oh baby, you, you got what I need
But if you wanna row you got to believe
You don't really know what you got till you own
You hang up on the past, you got to let go
Some shit up in your life is out of control
So groove one time, just let yourself go
Groove one time, just let yourself go
No wonder the world is about to be pulled under
Hole, sucking the soul, gutted our own mother
Gold out in the cold, got some cold water
Want no part in this show, saw it, it's all product
Oh, brother, this mode would make Joe stutter
No done to the dead, goes slow shutter
No, none of that, though, we on a whole other globe runner
Coming with my brothers from another
So you can miss me with that pessimistic mess
You persist being in the system, but that system don't exist
The assistant needs assistance when he piss or when he shh
We ain't listening, too busy facing chicks and making hits
Bout the dollars, need a neurologist
I suggest you go and kick it with them loving college kids
Life is innocent, enough with all that villain shit
We just wanna groove, turn it off if you ain't feeling it
Ask Rob, I was killing it, rhyming I be kinda raw dog, the children spit
Yeah, just a big kid how I'm living, don't worry about a thing, I'm just chilling
‘Cause I could be a suit, pocket full of loo, chick got a fat ass but a bad attitude
And I'd rather just groove, yeah, I'd rather just grooe

Now, I could be a suit, office with a view
Check with a good resume and no tattoos
But I'd rather just groove, everybody just groove.

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Record Label(s): 2013 Independent
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