Poisonous Saliva Lyrics

"Due to some violent content, parental discretion is advised"

[Rap sample:]
"Just another - just another emcee murderer" "The Unknown"
"Just another - just another emcee murderer" "The Unknown"
"Just another - just another emcee murderer" "The Unknown"
"Just another - just another emcee murderer" "The Unknown"

[Bronze Nazareth:]
Yo, bitten by the copper and pit viper with Poisonous Saliva
Cycle hexane methane prescriber, the scary capillary blood scuba diver
Metaphysical wizardry hanging emcee on the pillory
Rocking rosaries, Unknown attack like blazing rotaries
The Hellenistic 8th authorities release like eggs from ovaries
While rhymes from overseas hide inside Alexandria libraries
That carries fatal viruses intimate to emcees irises
Genie from the North un-hauling horse stomping the cause

[Kevlaar 7:]
Un-dramatic, un-climatic, your style's systematic
My polemic arithmetic burns your asshole like hot shit
My ultrasonic logic is uncommon derelict
I utilize it at full tip, unreliable emcees whip
Under the heat, potassium nitrate is your fate
Slang sprayed debate, knocking at truce gate
Y'all can wait, my script glimpse like wrapified
Y'all niggas missed it, WHO? The creepy cryptic

[Bronze Nazareth:]
The nine ghetto, liquid metal stiletto pierce through your metal
Painful inner lube crypt the impact hit you
Stab hearts like Yoshimitsu; human Grizzly bears out to get you
Invincible metaphysical, The Oracle; according to legend Unknown is un-explorable
Mithridatic war parable, unbearable an emcee's doomed
If you niggas ever kill me, add one to the 34 tombs
In the Valley of Kings where God brings my soul back that very dust
My lyrics cock it and bust from the uterus to the sarcophagus

[Kevlaar 7:]
The Bicentennial sighting of the Unknown cruiser lightning, writing
Or rhymes will have you fighting against Hip-Hop nightmares that'll have you biting
Dreaming that you were wishing that you were scheming of teaming with the Unknown
On Heaven's third throne, livest stones attuned at emcees back
Basically you basic minded faggots is alone

[Bronze Nazareth:]
Yo, the entity spoke to the seven wise men of Greece
They told me the wrath of going to flees around the mic
And chronologically ignite
If you can't handle it on paper we could fist fight 'til you get that shit right
Three Bohemians at midnight blowing up like dynamite
Still ripping the mic with strep throat while I'm hanging from a noose rope
Your condition is critical, arms and legs bruised from I.V.
The beef you had with the Unknown gave you niggas mad cow disease

[Kevlaar 7:]
Take the Unknown best rap; put it in your headset
Select after resurrect at the best man from Great Lakes to Tibetan
Personify the persona that I'm personification of grace's gratification
What's the relation 'cause I'm waiting for perspective?
A personnel to personify my clientele
Rip your insides like a rip tide
Pierce your retina like suicide in the eye

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Record Label(s): 2007 Templar Label Group Inc
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