Northern Battalion Lyrics

[Movie sample:]
Make no mistake gentlemen
We're in the fight of our lives
Against maybe the greatest battalion commanders
I shit you not - Any questions?

[Kevlaar 7:]
Standing graphical, verbally mathematical
Half-breed action, with the patent
The longest division, candid-coal my precision
When I'm ripping backs across the impacts
Sixteen tracks, mixing boards pay for payback
I'm innocent, Gemini old school recipient with the script
Involuntary represent, Northern borders with the coldest wind
f**k Timothy, BriseƱo and Koon and f**k saving the loons
We need to save us - soon
Superiority complex read your text, scandals, vandals, grandiose and panhandles
While I'm living with two dollars in my pocket, dirty jeans and sandals
AHHH! Spontaneous braniac's be the shadiest, our priority is consolidation
But for the intruders and the jump on the bandwagon mothaf**kas alienation
My portfolio sweats like Oscar De La Holio (Hoya)
Brace on your raps like polio
The wildest philosophy ain't stopping me from delivering lyrical odyssey

[Bronze Nazareth:]
Steel-toe, more cold, raise bodies like Tornadoes
Atomic botanic bomb decimate from the Great Lakes of Laos
Carried by North Star gravity, crescent moon they trying to escape
Blessing open wounds and buckets of Sodium Polyphosphate
We could shift with the crisp, blood thicker than water strass dilute
Imagine being chased in the blizzard by a blood flatter Malibu
Attack like Saber-Tooth Dragon, tentacles make my enemy flee
Subterran hover craft escape towards the Arabian Sea
Fifth Unknown Battalion, dirty Devils guard by the gallon
Apostle's crease, seem to front me hibernate with the Salmon
Murky physical stress, microphone prove best for words that rip the flesh
They were potent, dialects venomous Scorpion fist
Mirror image of Allosaurus, destroy army's larger than America
Scary as delirious, lyricist scavengers
Blood regurgitate through the basin, gold Dragon
Bayonet welded to the mic so my words start fatally stabbing
Titanic Captain, half drowning, half active
Shallow rap Baptist, throw ninja's straws of glass tips, bitch!

[Movie sample:]
"Go, settle up, lock and load"

[Kevlaar 7:]
My reaction laid back, Bobby McFerrin snapping
Chilling smelling incense, listening to Gil Scott-Heron
Changing pace, Mundane, know when to flame, frivolous
Mothaf**kas listen, to the same old gibberish (God damn gibberish)
No willingness to address creativeness, but it's war time here
Sub-atomic melodic, pinnacle private, hypnotic prophet
New idea pocket it, studio time dropping it
Your cortex get lyrics; burning down Pyramids
Founding Fathers built within, you're glad to take the ass whipping
Courtesy of the Unknown Battalion; the white Stallion gotchu
Spread Eagle about ten fetals then pass through your body
You make men slaughter a hobby, eavesdropping fellowship concocting
Swabbing you, you're woof with cotton, YEAH!

[Bronze Nazareth:]
The Unknown vicinity is a black sea's on the vanity
The entity, Major General bring the chaos continuously
Explode vigorously; eye dilating from the annihilating blow
Impossible for you to even harm the lyrical pinnacle war arm
Hiroshimic voice bop, 45 degree acidic
My sharp cuts result from wisdom; f**king with Unknown religion
My ordering overruns your district
Punching immigrants, scaling the establishment
Hooked to the building and invade the premises
Fall to the forces, strength of 49th on 40 horses
Novelize the anonymous, uncelebrated laws'
Walk the battlefield shooting shit, smelling like f**king lubricant
Sack over innocent, cutting mics with gold icicles
He would speak; he's dead shot by arrowheads made by sharpened nickels
Clutching abdomens with both hands, blaze slides with the diaphragms
Release the poisonous chemicals into your bloodstream
Enter your electro circuits like an F-15, diving into your gene
Amphibious, warfare exoskeleton
Sparks fly when men die from the warfare that's developing

[Outro: Bronze (Kevlaar)]
f**king assassination through this mothaf**king station
(Yeah) Northern Battalion mothaf**kas
(Unknown) The Unknown bitch, half-entity (Fifty-fifty)

[Song fades to classical army song]

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Record Label(s): 2007 Templar Label Group Inc
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