Mike Tyson's Punch-out!! With Lyrics

I was 5 when I got Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
Mike was tough!
Oh, man, that guy could knock your lunch out
Then he went to jail
(I went to jail)

His contract went upstream
Nintendo still had a scheme
With douchebaggy Mr. Dream

(Oh, no!)

Now, luckily, Punch-Out!! is back
For the Wii!


There's no Mike Tyson on the Wiimake
(Bullshit cock)
So what's the point of having a remake
(That's a bunch of shit)
Bald Bull I kind of like
But just 'cause we look alike
He's not half as cool as Mike

Ladies & Gentlemen, Mr. Mike Tyson!

Yeah, boooy!
Lend me your ears

6, 7, 8
I'm Iron Mike and I'll knock you into space
I got more punch than Rihanna's face
Because I float like an inner tube
And sting like a scorpion
I'll hit you so splendiferously
You'll need some morphine

Ask me if I like to eat
I am carnivorous
Ask me what trees I like
I say coniferous
Ask me how my attitude is
It is vociferous
Don't believe the words I say
Then consider this

I am ferocious
My word back is copious
In fact it's supercalafragalistic-aladocious
I'm Kid Dynamite
Always trippin' fight-or-flight
Cover up your ears, baby, I might try a bite

I ain't crazy
The media filets me
But now you know I rap
Like Ludacris or Jay-Z

"That's a nice bicycle, brentalfloss.
It's mine now See ya!"

Whoa, bike!
Tyson stole my bike
That guy's name is Mike
And he stole my bike


Tyson stole
Tyson stole
Stole my bike

Man, I hate Mike Tyson!


I may be spastic, but I'm not made of plastic
I'm a vicious fighter, but my feelings are elastic
So I'm not slapstick, I'm majastic
f**kin' fantastic, when I grab a chick and slap dick
But be careful with the chicks and the dicks
This one time I crossed the line I got slapped with 3-6
I don't even get half the shit I spit
I'm not a dipstick, I just a wit that is cryptic

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