More Power Lyrics

I'm no less than what I came to be and what I aim to be,
I had a dream, it came to me
I had a head like a cinderblock, nuts like a bowling ball,
I throwed em on the floor so yall can know what I'm all about
I talked about the things that matter most to me,
where I'm goin, my people, dough and knowin and bein who I'm sposed to be
and how to feel somethin, huh, in this cold world, know what I mean?
Then the clouds moved apart, an angel came down through the dark
and gave me a box about the size of a human heart.
"You do it already but this will make you better B", she said to me
"And you can start whenever you’re ready B"
I never seen a sight as such. I tried to touch her hand.
As she turned to dust, she said no longer are you just a man
Then my head started swelling and I felt my chest expand
and the stairs started sinking on the step that I stand
Then my arms grew 11 feet, brain grew a cherry tree
with eyeballs instead of cherries, then I can see everything
My words turned to green dollars and solid gold bricks
and I built a house out of topics some of yall don’t know shit
And every night it's a party there and all you gotta pay
is respect to everybody there and all you gotta say is
Step it up, lift it up, jump it up, kick it up, punch it up, hit em up, here we go
More Power 4x

Sometimes I get flash backs when I sleep I talk like war veterans
I mash like a beast and walk like George Jefferson
I practice and preach and walk a road never been
trod by the faint of heart cuz yo where I been,
I had to play my part like how Denzel did with the blues but mo better than
my Timberlands in ya door and I'm a take it off the wall, ceiling and the floor if you don’t let us in
Step it up, lift it up, jump it up, kick it up, punch it up, hit em up, here we go
More Power 4x

I don’t know what you been told, Go for your glory before ya too old
Break yo self then get broke a little more, Find out what you we're meant to live for
That's what we be doin,
we get it poppin like how the akis be doin at the rock steady reunion,
that’s our reputation, training day in and day out and day and
study your opponent then you face him
That’s the way it is, this is my motivational shit for people on their way to get rich
We can’t quit. My skin is mad thick and if my blood hits the floor it'll bounce it can’t stick
Step it up, lift it up, jump it up, kick it up, punch it up, hit em up, here we go
More Power 4x

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Record Label(s): 2009 BR and Timebomb

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