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Pop Lock And Drop It (flow)
Boss Hogg Outlawz


Pop Lock And Drop It (flow) Lyrics

[Intro: Slim Thug]
Boss Hogg Outlawz
Headed To Da Kappa 2007 mayne
We've been doin' this shit for some years mayne
I don't even know if nobody go to Kappa anymo'... But we gon be there, Ha!

[Verse 1: J-Dawg]
Free PJ!
Haaa Haaa!

Pull ya slabs out nigga let's roll
If ya top up, drop it to the mothaf*ckin' flo'
I don't know about you, but im gon' put on a show
All compliments go to that drank & that dro
Actin a iz-azz like the homie C-Wigga
Ridin' behind tint you can't see me nigga
But I see you, cause you starin' at that blue
Candy line, Nawf Side niggaz comin' down
South Side red & I ain't talkin bout bloody
I'm talkin bout the color of them slabs lil' buddy
4's pokin' out like hoes with big breasts
She don't wanna f*ck me, she wanna ride DTS
Steppin' out fresh in my Boss Hogg gear
Better hide ya bitch, cause the Young Hogg is here
Tell her stop peepin', cause if she winkin', she f*ckin'
I don't even want her, she nothin'
Bass be thumpin', got that King Kong in my trunk
I'mma show you boys how to stunt
Grill in the front, 5th wheel on the back
Heater in my lap for you boys who wanna jack
On the sea wall, We aint worried bout them laws
Don't f*ck wit us, & we won't f*ck wit ya'll
Sittin' sideways like the homie Paul Wall
Yella on my side wit no draws & no bra
She just promotin'.. the clique cause we holdin'
Boss Hogg ballas nigga ain't nothin' stolen
Then I gotta work my woodgrain wheel
That's how I feel, My neck gon' chill
Naw we ain't cappin mothaf*cker I'm a Hogg
Fresh out the gutta wit it, couldn't wait to ball
Couldn't wait to shine ever since I was 9
I stayed on my grind & waited for my time
Now i'm in the game, no mo' ridin' in the prime
J-Dawg a starter, I play every quarter
At the Kappa Beach, all eyes on me
Hoggin' all lanes, imma give 'em somethin' to see
Serve & Collect in my deck, badge on my neck
H out the roof, reppin', reppin' my set
Boss Hogg rider, stomp down, copp throat
H-Town nigga, BHO
fo' sho we in the do' at Da Kappa!

[Verse 2: Sir Daily]
Boss Hogg we in the do'
Headin' to Da Kappa

I got precision' like a quarterback
Smokin' on a quarter sack
Of da dro, that got my heart beatin' slow they call it heart attack
Cartier wrist, they see my Cartier mist
A quarter million got me chillin', all this ice up on my chest
& I'm fresh!
My diamond zone lookin' like ya diamonds wrong
You must rock that Pre-K ice
Lil' boy, my diamonds grown
Tippin' in that drop boss
Trippin' wit the top off
Smokin' somethin' potent, lungs open tryinna not cough
Back streets blocked off, swangin' on you a$$holes
Zippin' past bitches, clappin' ass
See the glass 4's struttin' down the sea-wall
Swangas pokin' out
I see ya'll bangin, trunk hangin' it's sittin' up like a see-saw
& we all.. in a blue line swervin' & snakin' it
I see all.. them beautiful dimes twerkin' & shakin' it
They makin' it.. hard to focus on the road
Trippin' cause a nigga throwed
Leanin' on this muddy cup that Whoaddie poured
C-Whoaddie know.. niggaz slabs fire for-real
Got them swangs under my frame from Texas wire-in' the wheel
So gon & fire up the kill, cause we gon do this here for Burton, right!
"Free The Rap Hustla" on my Kappa T-Shirt
I'm from where the G's work
Smoke that OG's purp
Laws ask me where I'm goin, tell 'em "Kappa Beach, Sir"
Where them playas roll past
Man all of them niggaz ask, "Where You Get Them 17 Inch Swangas?"
Them hoes glancin' at Da Kappa!

[Verse 3: Chris Ward]
G-Yeeeah! Yeeeeeeah!

It's Chris Ward!
The Boss Hogg ghetto Soprano
Touchin more keys than Scott Storch on the piano
Recognize a playaaaa, Hold up don't touch the channel
We hot like we in the Saharah wearin' a ????
Music knockin', got the doors pop, lockin' off the panel
Soundin' like the trunk is about to dis-mantle
You see I'm so Pul-Paree
& in my form of life, I done sold Cocoa Leaves
& now I got so many rides
& now i need a chaufer please...
It's the best of the best, C-dot-Dubbaya-A-R f*ck it!! You know it's me
I needs no introduction, to none of these hoes
& still will get seduction, suck-tion from one of these hoes
I'm hot like oven-baked bread, So niggaz break bread
Or fake dead, Or f*ck around & take lead... shots
Cause when they fire the AK, they spread
Therefore when you p*ssy-punk-powder-puff-motherf*ckers
Hear them Blucka-Bluckas you won't have to play dead..

[Verse 4: PJ]
This for all my real niggaz..
My bad bitches on the way to that Kappa you know'm sayin'??

PJ, I'm too throwed, when I pull out I hull the road
Live my life by the G-Code, In a big blue candy slab gettin' blowed
Theese hoes on dick, when they smell my scent
Got the sun roof open with the air vents
I'm ridin' clear, mutha-f*ck tint
I'm a H-Town nigga, gotta represent
Got VS diamonds all on my body
Puttin' hits on niggaz like John Gotti
'Fore you f*ck wit me, better ask somebody
I'm a made man & you can't stop me
Like Jay-Z bitch, I'm the Blueprint
You rappin' ass niggaz can't do shit
I'm a real street nigga, been through shit
2008 Benz wit the roof bent
I'm ballin' ya'll, shot-callin ya'll
Boyz-N-Blue, Boss Hoggin' ya'll
Breakin' off Kappa on the sea-wall
6, 15's beatin' in a L-Dawg
f*ck a 4, nigga pour a pint
Make the shit muddy, Dawg leave the Sprite
Stop at the store, get some squares & 'gars
Roll up that shit get high as a kyte
I break these boys off just for fun, Air Force Ones, Sean John
Yella bone hoes, I leave 'em sprung
I will not quit I just begun
Hip-Hop dead?
What the f*ck you mean?
We down here stackin' up major green
Slabbin' out cars, watchin T.V. screens
Pimpin' ya'll hoes, sippin' on codiene...

[Verse 5: Killa Kyleon]
Run It!

I pop my trunk open, I let my lights glow
I dunk a deuce up in my soda, & watch my Sprite..
I usually don't smoke, but imma start tonight though
& i'm gon be high as the sky, like where that kyte go?
If rap don't work, I'm still gon be alright though
I just head back to that block & pump that white hoe
Or that white blow, that white snow..
I got them blocks covered
Get my Katrina on, now I got the blocks flooded
Call me the pusher mayne!
I gets alot of cash
& like them Apple Bottoms, I gets alot of ass
Yeah, all my bitches bad, like LL-Cool J's song
& i get that gwop, yeah, that bumper like LL-Cool J's dome
Rockstar, my swag is on, better yet my McJagger on
I aint a Rolling Stone but i'm rollin' chrome
Pop, lock the drop & now the rag is gone
Pull the tag.. it's gone & it's at the fest
Hit 3rd Coast now i'm extra wet
If you f*ck wit mine, I'll wet ya chest
Don't freestyle, but I collect a check
That money, cash, green, dough
Tops, drop, screens, show
Diamonds, wood, bling, glow
Rollin', slabs, swing, slow
That B
That O
That S
That S
That H
That O
That G
That G
That O
That U
That T
That L
That A
That W
That Z
That's we
Run it nigga!

[Verse 6: Slim Thug]
It's Kappa time already mayne?
Well f*ck it mayne, get that blue line together mayne
Boss Hogg Outlawz gotta show up

I'm headed to Da Kappa, still 4's & adapters
Breakin' boys off, shinin' hard like a trapper
Top laid back, & my music up loud
Beatin' up the block, while I ride by the crowd
Got the trunk in the air, watch the boppers stare
They blinded by the Boss Hogg candy blue glare
Other cliques can't compare, lookin' like "This ain't Fair"
Thugga hit the beach wit bout 10 fresh pair
Still braids in my hair, & princess cuts on my teeth
I see you boys ridin' but ya rides ain't complete
Fresh paint, new seats, got the line lookin' lovely
Ike got me right, you can't put nothing above me
Eddie came through, got the Magnums true blue
Lookin' like some twins when you see them come through
We reppin' non-stop, cause PJ on that lock
It's Kappa '07, time to let the trunk pop
Ain't a bitch on the side-line that Thugga can't f*ck
Or a slab on the strip, that my Lac can't crush
I'm poured up right, got a 6 up in the Sprite
Lil' C got the Dro', we gon lean all night
we pullin' out clean, you already know
Swangin' side to side & my ride real slow
I said we pullin' out clean, you already know
Swangin' side to side & my ride real slow

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