On Top Of My Game Lyrics

Mind on a Rover, shine when I wanna
Girlies on my dick, cause I rhyme like Hova
P busting, till my casket drop
Ecstasy got me higher, than an astronaut
Going hard like Carmelo, or maybe Lebron
Flipping crack, like a cheerleader flip a baton
I'm a Don, my lyrics leave you dazed and stunned
Niggaz thought that I was finished, but I just begun
Taking trips in my jet, in my private plane
And I got more enemies, than Saddam Hussein
Boss Hogg Outlawz, yo we running the game
Try to stop my committee, put a hole in your brain
Federalies wanna see a nigga, locked in chains
Got some killas on my team, that'll pop them thangs
Most niggaz lame, and think with they dicks
Any bitch I f*ck with, gotta have benefits
My hoes break tricks, and bring it back to me
Know you suckers gon hate, but I still remain G
Your team move grahams, my team move tons
My team count G's, your team count ones
No time for sleep, I'm in a hustler zone
You wanna plot with them stones, I got a million dollar phone
All on my own, it's me against the world
It's a must I provide food, for my baby girl
Hypnotic got me calling Earl, I'm throwing up
Yeah my P.O. she a trip, got me pissing in a cup
Me broke nigga what, I f*ck with made niggaz
Street smart wise guys, them know how to save niggaz
I scribble on my sheet, to the very last line
Like 8-Ball and G, pimping my own rhyme
Watch me put it down, my lyrics gon touch ya
PJ bitch, the motherf*cking rap hustler

[Hook x2]
PJ, in the do'
Got my mind on my money, I ain't playing no mo'
PJ in the do', Boss Hogg is the click I claim
Niggaz listen to the shit I bring, I'm on top of my game

Spit lyrics, that'll burn the mic
If this rap shit was crack, it'll burn your pipe
Every line that I spit, yo I word it right
You lil' boys still rookies, better earn some stripes
f*ck stars and dykes, Puerto Ricans and whites
Black hoes too stupid, wanna fuss and fight
Like Tina and Ike, bitch I'm running the show
If your ass don't like it, get your shit and go
Let a hoe be a hoe, I ain't losing no sleep
I'm trying to get rich, f*ck playing with a freak
You niggaz too weak, wanna cuff and chase em
Like Jay-Z, PJ replace em
Numbers erase em, on my god damn phone
I done gave you some dick bitch, now leave me alone
Once again it's on, I'm bout to step out the booth
PJ the rap hustler, hell yeah I'm the truth

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