Change Lyrics

[Verse 1]
It's a wrap nigga
Gifted, still I'm cursed like every black nigga
If I go back, would you promise I'm gon' scrap with ya?
That's the facts nigga, give a f*ck about these rap niggas
Cause half the one's I seen p*ssy
I just want a bitch that say "I love it when you sing, Boogie"
This why niggas never seen p*ssy
Down talking other niggas, why you gotta read the p*ssy?

[Verse 2]
But let me get back to this real shit
I was on the field trip, my dad was on a guilt trip
They wonder why I never feel shit
It's crazy how that deadbeat could still produce this real shit
Music of my life, at least it ain't no dance shit
This for the ones who never really had a chance shit
Like a f*ck a gun and knuckle up and throw your hands shit
Like f*ck a later, handle shit right where you stand shit
Like f*ck it, I'm adapting while they crashing
Family over everything, forever be my fraction
What if I subtract it, all that shit that got y'all sackin'
If the screen up on my phone was all I really had crackin'

Would you still f*ck with me?
Just want a bitch that say she love me and she stuck with me
Now I got no niggas tryna see wassup with me
Then they telling other niggas how they always f*ck with me
[Verse 3]
I guess we all human, just look at everything we ruin
When Manny got killed and I was sitting at the viewing
With his name upon my teeth from all this bullshit that's brewing
That's all bad, man I say everything is all bad
And watch them niggas always drinking out of tall glass
They thirsty, uh, and don't be judging like a court
Cause I'ma tell yo ass to go and get a jersey
Like your heart gon' need , gang, your all gon' need gang
Get your head up out yo tail, boy we all gon' see change
From where they speak change, it's so they can get some pleasure
The quitting niggas always saying eff it to the effort
I hope that affected by the message
Words in the sky, I be damned if I text it
I said this in the sky so I'm hoping that y'all catch it
Sinning in my records, but I'm hoping God bless it
I'm hoping God bless it

[Verse 4]
We all gon' see change, you just keep acting like we not
I ain't talking bout no struggle, I ain't talking bout no block
Every nigga in the bubble, every nigga tryna pop
Learn to recognize a ocean full of lies
When the women I was stroking had no hope up in their eyes
And that nigga stay afloat cause of that boat that just arrived
Nigga dead upon the land, look at the vultures in the sky
Dried out feelings, these the moments that I cry
No these the moments that I rise to truth
Looking in the skies of the Gods for my truth
Then I think to myself, I thank God I'm the proof
I thank God I'm the...
I show you all my pain, and I show you all my shame
And now I'm stuck up in the game with all this shit up on my brain
Like we all gon' see change, like we all gon' see change

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Record Label(s): 2016 Leftoverz
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