The Game Ain't Ready Lyrics

[Intro: Bizzy Bone]
(I'm just tryin' to survive)
Yeah, Uh, yeah. Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone, Wish N Bone, Flesh N Bone.
Tha lil' muthaf*ckin' nigga you know it's Bizzy Bone.

[Flesh N Bone:]
We've been doin' this time
On the grind, they down up north
Pull up yo' britches
You bitches been caught
Said they got something, some shit
You f*cked up when you thought about it
You dealin' with niggas that's built to last
We fully equipped like trucks
You can't afford, this shits when they land
Brought tha whole clan
With a gift they can't undastand, catch it
Cause you came in second
Sure you niggas been feelin' it all day
Cause you niggas been stealin' the whole time
You sippin' on it like the finest wine
I said, I'm just tryin' to survive
Damn, that's my motto until I wake up again
On tha real, fool, mark my eyes, God
Who the most high, shakin' 'em up again

[Layzie Bone:]
So fly, when I lean to the side
Hit 'em with the rhythm
Make 'em go bye, bye
Cadillac, warn your envy eyes
Never seen nothin' like the Uni5
Climb high strive ride
Remember that enterprise
Nigga, these niggas right here get live
Suprise, suprise
Been there, done done that
Been through the best and I've been through the worse
Made my money on tha first of tha month
Slang and I bang and I pop the trunk
I go up against all the powers that be
Original Thugs that done mastered the streets
Ain't no competition
Who faster than these G's
Now that the 5th dog is free

The world ain't ready(I'm Just trying to survive)
The game ain't ready
These niggas ain't ready
Cause these lyrics heated heavy (we the unified 5)
The world ain't ready(I'm Just trying to survive)
The game ain't ready(Watch me If I'm lyin')
These niggas ain't ready
Cause these lyrics heated heavy (we the unified 5)

[Krayzie Bone:]
Ya'll niggas better get up off of my nuts
We coming with the rhythm, the flow they can't touch
Whenever you're ready to go they get cut
Rappin' at the same time, slang our stuff
Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Wish, Flesh. Perfection connection
One mo time resurrection
Finna hit 'em so real that it ain't no half steppin'

[Wish Bone:]
Walk a little, get 'em
When I hit 'em I get rid of them
Watch your tone and keep your volume to a mininum
Boy watch your self
Grown man don't fool yourself
Good hands, think fast
They done let the 5th loose
What u wanna do?
Militant streets
Drop 'em your boots Ooo
Put it up and lose
This is what we do
And I can feel the rain comin'
All in the streets
Washin' all the stains from me
So, so bloody


[Bizzy Bone:]
I'm Just tryin' to survive
Put 'em up, I'm a get my 9
Fly to the mainframe
Same thang, Chain Gang
Wanna bang, bang
Get down for my thang
Then change it back to size
Higher when I realize
Tired of all the lies, surprise
Traveled down the sides
Word to the wise
Take a dip into pie
Flip it with the pie
Welcome to the eye
Kick it with the mind
Back to the ride, to the sky
Akon, I'm trying
Remember that die, die, die
Little fly by night
Out of my mind and out of yo sights
Survivor, now who's the rider

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