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Southern Gorillaz Lyrics

[24 seconds of instrumental to open]

[Intro/Chorus: Bone Crusher]
These niggaz talkin hardcore ain't no killers
You don't wanna f*ck with these Southern Gorillas
Now take these slugs from my Desert Eagle
Y'all niggaz f*ckin with the realla to realla
I'ma tell you one more time nigga - get from around me
Tell 'em, hey nigga GET FROM AROUND ME!
Yeah I'ma tell you one more time nigga - get from around me

[Bone Crusher:]
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, the tide keep comin nigga
John Blaze for them heffers it don't, get no better
I got, woodgrain and leather that's sharp like cheddar
When I see a f*ck nigga, I'll gamble - whatever
Call me BONE CRUSHER nigga, I'm the hardest thing walkin
When I see a f*ck nigga, all he do is talkin
Why he wanna rub against me, I really don't know
Youse a bitch, youse a bitch, by the way youse a hoe!
Don't EVER try to stop me, 808 drop-ping
I watch the bass come in and knock ya {?} out your chin
Nigga wonder why I never come around with a grin
I've been down for strongarmin nigga once again
What's my name? BONE, CRUSH-AH, stop that
How y'all niggaz wanna attack, a nigga that ain't strapped
Watch out for Jugganots, I'll kill a motherf*cker
[growling loudly] I WILL KILL A MOTHERf*ckER NIGGA!

[Cotton Bend:]
Real killers don't talk, here they quietly spark
On the contrary nigga, don't need eyes of a hawk
Cause I'ma catch you up close, 22 to the throat
'Nother 12 to the chest, nigga that's all that she wrote
Hell I make my own silencer, nobody hear nothin
You shoulda kept your mouth closed, you had to push the button
But I ain't no dumb nigga, so I don't leave no trace
Hell don't you know nigga, no body no case
And I'ma give you a lil' scoop, we takin chipper to the hooch
And I'ma get rid of everythang, from tha roota to the toot
Hell from the hair to the boots, from the house to the Coupe
Shit from your wife, to your brother nigga
All the way down to your pooch


[Bone Crusher:]
Nigga get the f*ck out my damn face
YEAHHH, the mangler, 'bout to mop up this place
YEAHHH, y'all niggaz wonder why I'm harder than cinder blocks
I'm unstoppable, similar to Jugganots
Hey first of all, I was born to be extra hard
And with that BM shirt was born to be extra smart
And clearly, my competition is, kinda nil
So watch your mouth young nigga 'fore you get killed
In 99 I'm the strongarm kinga nigga
Gorilla, mobster, the real deal
And if you want it my nigga you know where I be
Asphalt, steady walkin these asses up the street


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