King Of The World Lyrics

Jimmy said it's not easy being the king of the world
It gets harder every day
Somebody's gotta do the job, ya know?
So it might as well be me

Bought himself a one way ticket
On a greyhound bus bound for Santa Fe
Left everyone behind he'd ever known
Just faded away

Jimmy found himself
A lover down in Hollywood
He was a good man
As far as good men go, I guess

He sold system software
For a high tech firm down in the valley
She wrote him a letter
It went a little something like this

She said, "I had big dreams, big dreams, don't you know?
So hard to make these big dreams come true
Now I try to hold on to what we had the best I could
I find holdin' on is the hardest thing to do"

Oh, I ain't comin' home tonight
So don't wait up for me
No, I ain't coming home tonight
Well, I'm finally free

Was a guy that I met
One night in a bar in Colorado
He said, "Man, I got a gift
More like a curse, I must confess"

Said, "I can remember everybody's name
That I've ever met before in my life"
So I said, "Name everybody in your first grade class"
And he did, I guess

And then imagine all those names
Stretched out forever
Like the rays of light
From some long dead distant star

And I thought to myself
What have I done with this life of mine?
Besides finding myself in this smoke-filled bar
And I said

Oh, I ain't comin' home tonight
No, don't wait up for me
No, ma, I ain't comin' home tonight
Said I'm finally free, I'm finally free

And time rolls by like an old friend gone away
And I am just a mortal man
And death will be my final lover
And life will always be something that I'll, I'll never understand

Now I'm higher than a capitol building in downtown Austin
Freer than the west Texas wind
And I move down the street like a cloud moving
Across a clear blue sky
And I know I'll never feel this way again

Oh, I ain't coming home tonight
So don't wait up for me
No, I ain't coming home tonight, tonight
Oh, I'm finally free

I'm finally free
Finally free
Finally free
Finally free
Finally free
Finally free
Finally free
Finally free
I'm finally free

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Songwriter(s): Robert Linwood Schneider

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