You Done Goofed Lyrics

"With everything going on in this world
All the people with hate in their hearts and minds...
And still the focal point is the lies about me
You've been blessed by f**king with someone
Who doesn't give a f**k what you say
But here's my message, hear me out,
I'm only saying this once."

I don't give a shit
about your insecurities
your attempts to get my attention doesn't bother me
but when you crossed that line
and dragged my name through the dirt
believe me girl
you're gonna feel all my hurt
I work hard for the things that are in my hands
my fans are what I love for,
It's my promised land
you seem to think
that the scene you've made
will somehow
some way
cause me so much pain

I don't think you understand
all your lies and shenanigans
won't make me give a damn
it's all just a f**king scam

So I'll keep on livin and keep on givin
we got one life to live
I won't be stopped with your fibbin


Everything You Said
It Was A Lie
We Watched As The World
Watched You Cried

Everything You Did
Was For The Fame
What You Have Now
Is A World Of pain

Verse 2:

Hate,rage,lies, I'm done with it
I've let you fill my head with this shit
all because I'm living my dreams
and i never was taught to quit
i always swung back,
i never took the first hit
all the accusations,
and no truth to admit
I've changed how people think,
I'm not the only misfit
posting,blogging,hating with no reason to submit
Regardless of what you've read,
I've got no crime to commit
but I'm about to murder it all,
I'm about to eradicate
look at me,
I'm beautiful,
not a suspect of rape
don't you know,I'm f**king boss?
read the f**king nameplate
your just a pawn of stupidity
you are a living mistake
I'm the king of the chessboard,so mother f**ker,CHECKMATE

whose ever been hurt by the things that people say
I stand strong i don't let anything get in my way
I'm not going anywhere
maybe you'll see that one day
if i don't have anything,
and I'm left with nothing,
at least i still have my faith
That's all I need to embrace


Everything You Said
It Was A Lie
We Watched As The World
Watched You Cried

Everything You Did
Was For The Fame
What You Have Now
Is A World Of pain


verse 3:

I won't be your prey
your wooden puppet on a string
you think your clever,
boldfaced lies control everything
you can call me fake
call me sick,
call me a nazi
I'll blow down your little house and cripple your posse
your victim I am not
I am a tiger
don't mess with me
I got the love of my fans AN MY FAMILY
they're the reason I am
they always cover my back
they'll annihilate your ass
when I'm under attack
this darkness I feel won't turn into a suicide
all your hate will push me right over to the golden side
and I'd love to think that when you talk to your shrink
he points out your the reason that your life stinks
and you're the cause for all this motherf**king bullshit
regret meeting me as your last dying wish
my name
and reputation won't be
the target of a slut
I'll be on top of the world
and you'll be cutting yourself f**ked


Everything You Said
It Was A Lie
We Watched As The World
Watched You Cried

Everything You Did
Was For The Fame
What You Have Now
Is A World Of shame


"When you're standing in the rain
And it's getting dark
It seems like the whole world is trying to bring you down
one love
one heart

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Record Label(s): 2012 Candyland Records

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Ickyboobrony:3 11/24/12,21:08

It angered me off when Jesse slaughter said that lie but she got wat she did get and lovee dahvie and jayy and iggy-icky boo
xDahvie'sMyFrankensteinx 09/17/12,19:23

Jessi Slaughter is a f&cking attention wh@re! Dahvie wouldn't do that sh!t! Sure, he's perverted(: BUT HE WOULDN'T R@PE AN 11 YEAR OLD GIRL OR ANY GIRL FOR THAT MATTER! I love you Dahvie and Jayy!
AliceVanity 07/18/12,13:46

that girl lied dahvie. nobody believe her. i always believed what you said even what u say now for me its more like 3 hearts one love BOTDF
mysterychick 05/29/12,14:47

This is my fav song,i love BOTDF their is nothing in the world they could do to make me hate them and I mean nothing. I will always love Dahvie and Jayy forever.
mandy mayhem 03/28/12,18:59

I always knew that jessi slaughter was lieing. I love you dahvie vanity! Your so awesome! And this song is super duper beast!
MiserableAtLove 07/21/11,18:02

even though this song doesn't remind me of anything but i listen to it whenevr i'm sad or angry, the chorus is soo freakin awesome! i
Chelse Contagious 06/01/11,13:18

I love blood on the dance floor no matter what! When i felling down i always play this song! thank u dahvie and jayy for wirting this song!! one love one heart!
IggyBooLover 05/25/11,16:09

I love this song! Nothing will make me turn away from Dahvie or Jayy! Nothing! They are to amazingly caring for that and if you turn away from them for som elie thenn you were never a real fan! JS!
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