Half 'n' Half Lyrics

[Blak Twang (Mystro)]
Mighty Mystro (Yeah)
You take this 'alf bro', I'll take the next 'alf (Aiight)
We'll do this half and half (Aiight, speakin' of half blood)

[Mystro (Blak Twang)]
Check it..
I'm fully sick, that's only half of the madness
MCs see me comin' through and more than half of them vanish
I can't screw, that's only part of the package
Like I spit into space, and leave this Universe with half of a planet
You should feel that I'm sharp and a stabbin'
you half-arsewhips
Thinkin' you large right?
But you aren't quite you half-pints
I grasp mics and start to spit in a way
that take's the piss out of all these half-wits in the place
I'm feelin' more than half wicked today
So after I take the piss I'll throw some half hard shit in ya face
And you can't test
that's why we aren't stressed
Me and me Blak Twang spars get more attention than strippers that's half dressed
(Aiyyo Mys', stress?)
Blood, I can't, f'real I'm blessed
I spit at the bricks of ya house and leave when there's half and buildin' left
You ain't heard the half of it son
I'm the man that can spit a whole verse with half of a lung
and half of a tongue
I make more than half of you run
And if not, you gettin' knocked half way outta the ring with half of a punch
I'll make half of you breakfast and half of you lunch
And I ain't eatin' you flavoured
that means I'm eatin' you fakes up, after I'm done

[Blak Twang (Mystro)]
So what you havin'? (I'll have half)
Top half or bottom half? (Fresh half or rotten half?)
Or the lost and forgotten half?
(We flow with proper class) Aiyyo that's not the half
(Oi Twang, what 'bout this half?) Yo Mys' I got this half
(What half?!)
They don't know the half of my crew (What half?)
The half of my crew that's barkin' at you (What half?)
They don't know half of my crew (What half?)
The half that should be locked behind bars in a zoo

Zoo... zoo..
Yeah, yeah
The Rottonous
Yeah, yeah
The mosterous

Everyt'ings half and half
I'm half Human, half lyrics
Half of these rappers are half gimmicks
with half their half hearted hearts half in it
With half tracks that's half finished
Fake half baked braids that half bake, their eighth
Six of one, half of dozen of the other
I discovered ya lover is ya cousins other-half half-brother
Your half handbags and half rubber
If half of the brothers are muggers than half the Government are bent buggers
Half the time some rhymes ain't even sayin' half
Some ah them ain't even half the MC I be when I'm half-past
You'll be like Ali G, actin' daft for half a laugh
Tryna past for half-cast wit' ya half arse corny moustache
Half ya staff's shaft half way up ya arse
Half the stars have been lip-servicing A-n-Rs
Ya crews half men, half mice, with half knives
them half twice, but only put arms to half life's
I wouldn't buy ya record if you sold it half price
at HMV, Virgin Megastore, Tower or Half Price
Half ya ra-ra sound blarzy-blah
I don't need a whole lyric, I'll kill him with half a bar


[Blak Twang (Mystro)]
I smash and grab, split the bag, 50/50 Mys' you wit' me?
(Yeah I'm half way there blood, ready to heist the city)
So if the ice is pretty sharp that's sumthin' to gimme sta'
(Well if I'm in the car you better jus' gimme half)
What, half the diamonds the same way that we half the rhymin'?
(Two halves is better than one when it's done in half the timin')
F'real blood you aren't lyin'
but wait, that's half true (What?!)
'Cuz I'm comin' wit' Big Ted and I offered him half too
(What?! Half it three ways, that sumthin' you can't do)
Well who asked you?!
(As long as I'm gettin' my half cool
I know that it's totally pos'
Like me and you both, liftin' the UK, up off'a this globe and throwin' it off)
Half of these crufts are all womened up
so when it's time to collect, you best have more than half or show me the lot
(Or get smoked like half a spliff fully loaded wit' pot)
My barrels blowin' twice the size of half a hole in ya top
(T, we know you got skills man, why you showin' it off?)
'Cuz these little pebbles can't be rollin' with boulders and rocks
(They're vocally f**ked, soundin' as if there throats have been cut IN HALF
Bring any party and we'll be blow the shit up IN HALF)
They don't know the half of dat
'cuz half of these cats are cack and they can hardly rap


Zoo... zoo..
(They don't know the half of dat... blood)
They don't even know the half of the crew
They don't even know the half of my crew
They don't even know the half of my crew
They don't even know the half of the crew
They don't even know the half of the crew
The half that should be locked behind bars in a zoo

You take this half bro', I take the next half, we do this half and half
...and half

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