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Not Now
Blahzay Blahzay


Not Now Lyrics

Uh, tell the world good news
Roll up to the club with new shoes (what that?)
Bla's Big Boy, pushing big toy (yeah)
I'm try'na to see what y'all working with (uh-huh)
My hood be hurting shit (yeah)
Feel this, feel this baby..
Uh, yaw, yaw..

[ Verse One ]
Aiyyo y'all wanna talk dough? I make you Limp like Bizkit
Pimps get twisted, turn simpletistic
Hustlers y'all been please helped, toast 'em and the cheese melt
f*ck wearing a seatbelt, better wear your heatbelt
When I blaze my private iron, you get dying like Saving Private Ryan
Momma crying, slugs flying
See we tote techs and broke necks
Shoot up a party then we jump behind the coat-checks
Who to your belong is, then we out, ??? a G
I'm just like ?Bodymonster?, growing while you sleep, flowing while I speak
Giving corrosion, while y'all niggas is ruff riders
When Brooklyn straight Trojans
My first LP? Cream from the beginning
Y'all just like Marl Berry, drop thirty, what y'all team ain't winning
Like Gren Cook, went with the hook
Went with the jooks, all my men are crooks
Word to momma Snooks

[ Hook ]
Yaw, beat don't fail me now
Show my glory, tell a story only hear in jail
Heat don't fail me now
All that talk, we ain't with it, anybody can get it
Feeds don't fail me now
In the hood running like a beast, getting chased by police
You freaks can't tell me how
I stay creeping on a weekend, bags stay sweaking

[ Verse Two ]
Police wanna statch niggas, 'cause we strong on stretch niggas
Like Brook-'Nam vet niggas
Not Slim Shady but Grim Grady, ever since the mid-eightie
Everything I did was crazy, sexing white girls looking Bo Derrick Ahada
'Cause I get chips like I'm Erica Shrada, dunn-da-da
Communicate like beat with the cellies
Pulling sleepers in tellies, sleep deeper than Porelli's
Credentials here, Diamond-dental still here, mental still here
DJ still here, folks spoke clear, rims pope with the glitter
Y'all better get ready is not a joke this year
When they miss me, 'cause what I bake make cornbread taste like cake
Icecream-cake, ? with cream and ice, my team is nice
Y'all don't trouble me or trouble P
Y'all actors like on double U-P

[ Hook ]

Yeah.. four years later music more greater
Yaw what that? What that, y'all can't touch that
It's still Blahzay.. y'all Blahzay
Y'all ain't Blahzay, y'all better cop that Blahzay

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Record Label(s): 2000 BX Sci Foundation
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