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Nobody Relates
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Nobody Relates Lyrics

It ain't about nothin' but self satisfaction
Everythin' else is just a bonus.

Open the doors, let the savage in
Hard rhymes begin.
Rap is in a state of distress
Blade is the medicine
Amateurs, step off my profession
Every word's a lesson
Don't confuse emotion with aggression
Lights low, my approach is deadly but slow
Professional, exceptional, in the dark we glow
Who ever acts clever never leaves the premises fully intact
I'm the heavy weight, you're the feather
A firm grip of the microphone confirms my position
As a strong artist and adventurer
Soft rappers with your petty bullshit GET LOST!
Every word's a javelin delivered with FORCE! (of course)
This might be difficult for you to fathom
The ever lasting, long living
highly under-rated, high caliber
no nonsense style of attack is unstoppable, legendary character
What you do I already did, so stop the ego
You're weak anyway, what's the deal, what you bragin' for
If you could see what I see, you ain't an MC
What's your brain for, when what you're sayin' sounds empty
I gave you time to prepare for the destruction that's about to begin
You makin' a record is a sin

It's a crime, you couldn't even string a sentence together
Your voice ain't broken yet an' you got no balls
However your records are sellin', not 'cause you're great
but simply 'cause you're acceptable
and everybody relates
If the world wasn't corrupt you wouldn't get no airplay
But in a world that's a cesspit, I guess that's fair play
However if you're ever on the same stage as us
you'll feel the fury a second before you're crushed
Instead of tour managers, you'd better bring some nurses
I don't need no weapons 'cause my weapons are my voices
You could be the headline
Before the night is over you'll be back upon the breadline
if you ever cross the line
My motivation is the hunger that I'm feelin' every minute
I'll eat you and spit out the bones when I'm finished
You know what's gettin' me is 'cause you think that you can save me
How can you stand against the talent God gave me?
My God has never been seen, yours is the green
You let that shit control you and ruin the scene
That's why my words have been developed into laser beams
Yeah! You can defeat me, but only in your dreams

What happens when you take an ordinary human being
give him everything in life overnight? He changes
The mind is a delicate piece of material, not to be switched too suddenly
It could be dangerous but you did it, now you feel it
You claim you never had a pot to piss in
Now I'm hittin' it, I'll get you one, PISS IN IT!
Then shut up about it, we're sick of hearin' it
That ain't the way you're livin' so why pretend it is given
Bow down before you're forced to retire
you ain't ready for mic to mic combat vs the human fire
Multiply you and you're crew by 10
add another 24,000 then prepare for the end
Only ashes will be left as you die a quiet death
The massacre is over, the world turns deaf
Nobody's ever stepped up to address or be a witness
and no evidence is left
You're secret is well kept
FRAUD! You ain't the dangerous kid you claim to be
your aim is off target you're just another name to me
It's a shame to see the industry ain't about the art
I ain't with it so I'm considered the enemy
Even the military couldn't hold back the savage
unpredictable steps, every plan is protected
nobody knows what my next move's gonna be
But for now tell 'em I struck again
The rest is history

Ha ha ha...
How you gonna try and stop us now?
Look how long we been at it
Even if you're trying to stop us
it makes no difference 'cause we're gonna be here anyway
With or without the money
With or without the support
With or without anybody
You understand me?

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