One-Two Lyrics

Buckshot rock niggas like kicks
Sport hos like clothes
Cock back the double barrel, used to be broke like an arrow
Walk a real narrow, path, you don't know the half
Nigga you ain't do the math, add up
As I bag up, weed from the stash
Win the war, throw the flag up
Course right, f*ck beein quit
I'ma blast thru the nuzzle of my gun, first, then burst
When you see the worst, it was Buckshot
Little Tazmanian, black Damien
Purpose is to pull the plug and shoot the enemy inside the mug
Like what, Buck never gave a f*ck

Aiyo One-Two---- Redman
*repeated over*

Thru the mist of the black smoke
One toke, take a hit, inhale in some real ill shit
What you about to deal with is the worst in here
I'm 5 foot 4, raw little nightmare
Givin heavy not a light stare
Concentrate to hit my target on sight
Now who gon get it tonight
A few bitches on my list now
a few niggas get me pissed now, but who gon get dissed now
First, I kick a verse for them niggas that thurst for the liquid
When I kick it, check it
True soldier, started as a teen in rap thing
Now I'm like the rap Don King
Blastin thru the city with, no car
While you drivin your city whip, where ya jar nigga?

*more "one-two's" scratched*

[5 Ft.]
The problem is you didn't listen when I warned you
Now I took five step, now I'mma lawn you Evaluated, elevated, escalated, exellerated
Even became more educated
Comin thru fully equiped, stick it to the script
Prepare for battle and war, causin the enemy to abandon ship
It's my turn to burn, the flame I desent like the sun
And catch rip with or against anyone
The heat is on, as knowledge is beein born
Creatin that electrical magnetic dorm
Consistant combagin, do you really think you can f*ck with
This intelligent team of destruction
Forever buildin and destructin
Maintainin balance in our cypher
Keepin a more flammable fluid than in your lighter
Got enough energy to incite ya, excite ya
Yeah, I'm here to take ya higher to the Messiah
And get my earth wind & fire, Devil's a lier
You best to beware of the soul buyer
Better drive the lead ya to damnation, cancelation
But every good is duck this God right creation
My get down is all in my mans for the station
Bring ya four universal greatings which be peace
Travel worldwide, leavin my mark in the east
Many fakes and frauds be gettin applauded
At least ya brain weight, that of distorted
Got my peoples reachin it when they can't afford it
Forgetten the true factors of life
I'm bringin this drum thru my windpipe
My shit is mad tight
Shinin the true light, boastin ya adreneline
To take flight, Power Universals out of sight

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Songwriter(s): Kenyatta Blake, Axelrod, Reid, Ewart Dewgarde
Record Label(s): 2005 Duck Down Music
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