Closer Lyrics

[Verse 1: Black Cobain]
As we present to you the present
The presence so in essence
And it's a chilly world
So I just give them my confessions on the road
The road to riches, you gon' meet some phony bitches
Intimate with hurt and kisses
Oh I think she just don't get it
I-I-I I get it though, Laguna beach is indigo
Sticking to the script of life
Trying to reach my pinnacle
You would think I took a laxative the way I'm shitting
There's a target I am hitting
Ain't got time for your retention
I hope you f**kers listen
Yeah I had a pot to piss in
You're an 8
My pretty girls be 10s
But you ain't get it
Old friends
Coming back around
Keep em at a distance
Play em 50
Nothing more or nothing less until they clip me
Believe it I am Ripley
My Hugo Euro fit me
I be drinking on Ciroc like I don't care about my
Lord forgive me
When life hands you lemons I make Simply
Put your motherf**kin' hands up if you hear me

[Hook: Black Cobain]
In the side mirror of my car
That's where my dreams are
They closer than they appear
They seem so really far
I'm only what they make me
Only what they make me
They gone love me
They gone hate me
As long as they don't break me

[Verse 2: Black Cobain]
And we so photogenic
Just snap it when it's candid
And this is Staples easy
Ain't got time for living frantic
No I'm praying, mantis
Defend me at my worst nigga
That's word to Edwin Stanton
This is tainted love, I'm Manson
Marylin, If it's any truth then I'm Sojouner then
I swear these niggas rookies at it
Basically they Derwin in the streets talk, they yappin
They ask me why I'm rappin'
Cause Virginia never seen a nigga rockin' high in

[Bridge: Black Cobain]
Lemme take my time with it uhh...
You know, get my thoughts together
Make y'all wait for it
Red Berry Ciroc, that's my favorite drink
Shout out to my nigga Moe man
I said fashion, right?
Alright let me get it, Uh

[Verse 3: Black Cobain]
I'm talkin' paparazzi flashin'
The bitch is a distraction
And if you talkin' fly nigga, you talkin' to the
The hood is not the same
They antonyms is snitchin'
So disregard the kitchen til my hustlers still up in it
I put that on my father
I put that on my family
And it's a hard knock life, but nobody hearing Annie,
They think it's sweet just like my auntie kool-aid
They coffee I ain't sleepin baby, where's my creme


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