Busy Now Lyrics

[Intro: Coldplay sample]
Trying hard to speak and
Fighting with my weak hand
Driven to distraction
So part of the plan
When something is broken
And you try to fix it
Trying to repair it
Any way you can

[Verse 1: Black Cobain]
I'm in another lane, H-O-V
When my niggas hit the town all drinks on me
Paralyzed to the feeling, all the hate I see
Carry on on the flight, nigga c'est la vie
30, 000 feet, iPod on 3-K
Love below concentrate on me
We ain't doing Armani, this is Hermes fly
Shoutout to the Ques, might do bowties
Hearing Nikki Giovanni on a late summer night
These mistakes are a fact of life, get it right
Build my empire from the roots, Questlove
We need more shots waitress, you wanted uhh
Now my words slurred, I need to roof 'em in
You in the basement, I'm on the roof again
That's another level, you are so Geppetto
I'm acting brand new, let me check my schedule

[Hook: Coldplay Sample (Black Cobain ad-libs)]
Trying hard to speak and (I'm busy now)
Fighting with my weak hand (I'm busy now)
Driven to distraction
So part of the plan (I'm busy now)
When something is broken
And you try to fix it
Trying to repair it
Any way you can

[Verse 2: Black Cobain]
f**k your top ten, I ain't on that list?
You still countin' sheep, y'all ain't on my dick?
Guess you niggas wasn't listening, homeroom shit
You ever paid attention in there? Me either
This is Takeover meets Ether
Bonita Applebum meet a freak like Adina
Patron Black, uh, Patron Jones
Drink whatever's left, kill the pussy, tombstone
Yeah, and I'm so VA
Need a track from Pusha T, somebody tell Kanye
I am slightly offended, slightly demented
Tryin' to get it cracking in a Civic
She say she want a diamond, Lisa Raye welcome to the
Player's Club
She can make a pimp fall in love
Body holy water blessed, I'm feeling the stress
Just to try to get a piece of success, love me less


[Verse 3: Wale]
I've been busy
The weed in me is real sticky
Automatically getting bitches, I'm stick-shifting
4 AM in this mothaf**ka' we still sippin'
How your bitch forget about her rings real pimpin'
Part of me real pimpin' lot of em' still sippin'
Nigga there is a difference between bitches and real
Real nigga no pistol to keep to shoot her
I hate bitches where lace fronts that chase moolah
I love women where ambition that makes Buddha
Good reefer make a nigga wanna stay booed up
And good henny make a nigga just want you tonight
And when the sun up I'm like shit you look better in
I'm in your head like mnemonic device
Folarin never walk in Prada and talk of a price
GQ told me I'm not the talkative type
I just open up easier when I talk through a mic
I can talk through a nun, I can talk through dyke
I'm no longer a saint, Jeremy Shockey for life
Shout out my nigga Reggie Bush that just gets you the
Y'all can keep all the trophies get at Kim and I'm fine
Dump that bitch in the sly
Nigga livin the life
Why I'm living keep a pistol just to keep you alive
Landover, Landover, yeah nigga 2-5
Can't land little roller, I be keeping the fly
People speak as if they need me, they deceitful inside
Wanna see me devoured wanna see me without
Cause they see me spending chicken eating chicken at
Make account getting vows spitting movable bowels
I'm the shit boy YBG
50 dollars on some shoes you ain't ever seen
f**k swag, nigga I got ambition
This beat is St.Nicholas, Young, Black, Gifted


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