Come, Go, See, Know Lyrics

[Intro: Bizzy]
And one for the love of the Lord
Heavenly Father we need us a sword, sword, sword, sword, sword
And one for the love of the Lord
And one for the love of the Lord
Heavenly Father we need us a sword, sword, sword, sword, sword
(Get off me, get off me!) What, what, what?

[Chorus: Bizzy Bone]
And where do we come, come, and where do we go, go
Tell me what do we see (see) see, tell me what do you know (what, what?)
And where do we come, come, and where do we go, go
Tell me what do we see (see) see, tell me what do you know (what, what?)

[Bizzy Bone]
And one for the love of the Lord and Heavenly Father we need us a sword
But we know no weapons are formed
they'll go up against us, we got us no sword
And I'm ridin the midst of the war, money galore, gunning my gunny
My sonny, and honey I'm feelin it raw, watchin it every step of the door
Whatever you seen and you saw
you should be shuttin your jaw, killin 'em y'all
See that is the only thing I wanted to do, what I'm here for
Remember you gotta be you, I gotta be me, we gotta be
Forever together you'll see, where most of them flee it'll be B.B.
I gotta do me; what'chu expect, forgot that I come from the set?
Wanna get wet and punched and how to get crunched
you come and you get with the best
Nevertheless, one of the blessed, some of the rest, comin to test
Envious friends, we're here for our enemies
never pretend to be rude I don't even have to poke out my chest
We up in the rep, the story is told but baby you don't know the half
Places I done been without sellin out
it'll make me cry until I laugh ('til I laugh)
The higher power watches over me every day
Every step of the way
Now one in the house, yes, it's one forever
Now it's time to move out, rough, rugged and clever


[Bizzy Bone]
Tragedy, bodies are flyin, spirits are cryin
I am Bryon, here to rock it for planet Orion
Deep, breathin and sighin, tryin to make it righteous
With everything goin against us, why they still tryin to fight us?
Brighter days for the titans of Christ, throwin the rice
Prices is ice, cyanide, high in the light
Elevations of plateau-able, still with the unknowable
Showed up, for the show-able; still, I'm down to roll-able
You know, ready to go, the posse of my people
Meek, and still feeble, royal, and legal
I'm feelin good baby, and makin love, it is phenomenal
Don't treat me like an animal, I'm not an honorable
Get it poppin baby


[Bizzy Bone]
Now let me sit back, relax and let these rhythms teach you the facts
As I massage yo' feet - you need somethin to eat? (woo)
It's Mr. Loverboy, with a pocket full of tender
Baby, these are my sisters and brothers, we livin in splendor
Remember me? It's baby Bryon born in September
I will never leave you momma, not never, ever, ever
I mean forever, forever ever ever
Through the winter and the dawn even of, stormy weather
Jewelry, draped in the dawn, court cases adjourned
Make, praises of joy to the Lord, poise boy
I'm tellin them that I need some quiet to kill the f**kin noise
These motherf**kers don't know I need some oint-ment


[Outro: Bizzy]
Thank you, thank you, thank you for tunin in
Most definitely, thank you very very very much
Praise God up in here; oh hey, sit down, have you a drink
Y'understand what I'm sayin, get you a drink
Lean back, let your toes rest
Bizzy Bone the Midwest Cowboy, please believe me
With no bullet-proof vest, it's on and motherf**kin crackin baby
Shouts out, to the family members
Lil' Layzie Bone, in the motherf**kin house
Krayzie Bone, in the motherf**kin house
Wish Bone, in the motherf**kin house!
Flesh-N-Bone, can't wait 'til you get out nigga
Can't wait 'til you get out nigga, one time for they mind
No evil, no weapons formed against us shall prosper
Please trust and believe, one time for they mind
Where do we go?

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Record Label(s): 2010 Real Talk Ent

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