Bitch Nicca Please Lyrics

What (x8)

Get Tha f**k Out My Face You Little f**kin Bitch Get Tha f**k Out Ya
Bout Ta Get A Stitch Flowin Like Tha River In The Mississippi Bay When I
Spit Lyrics Bitch's Come To Play Cause Im To Obscene To f**kin Nice
Eatin That Pussy Like Shrimp Fried Rice Yeah I Gotta Dirty Mouth And
Hella Awsome Band Bitches And Friends From Here To Afghan And If Ya
Dont Like My Music And What I Got Ta Say Then Get Tha f**k Off My
Page Cause You Is Gay Bitch Nicca Please Tha Defeniton Of Crunk Hit
Me Up On Itunes It Only Cost A Buck It Only Cost A Buck Mane It Only
Cost A Buck It Only Cost A Buck Mane It Only Cost A Buck.

Bitch Nicca Please (x8)

We Be The Boss And The King Making A Scene Hittin Triple Trouble Man
I Can Hit Tha Double Man Lose Tha Ball Caught Tha Fumble I Aint The
Only Person Yet So You Faggots Best Forget Im Tha f**kin Flame In
This Shit I Can Smell The Smoke Bitch This Shit Is Dope Fire Caught And
Fire Drop And Roll You Can Never Give Me The End To Stop Only BItch
You Can Know Call The Cops You Faggot You Faggot Ass Chump You
Not Getting None Of This Cream Cause Im Tha Defeniton Of Scene
Defeniton Of Scene Defeniton Of Scene We Are Tha Defeniton Of Scene.

Bitch Nicca Please (x8)
What (x8)

(Pre Verse)
Why Do You Have To Hate On Me Its So Plain To


Now Im Back On The Verse Back In The Saddle Haters Talking Shit And
Ill Givem The Paddle Cause Im All About My Fans All About My People
Bitch Nicca Please There Is No Other Equal Bitch Nicca Please There Is
No Other Equal Bitch Nicca Please There Is No Other Equal Showin Love
To All My Bitch Nicca People.

Bitch Nicca Please There Aint No Other Sequel Like Our Music Sells Bitch
We The f**kin Eagle Flyin Through Like A Hawk Overseas (Laugh) Be
The Bitch And We Tha G Me And Dakota Effler On The f**kin Mic
Reppin THis Shit Lookin So Tight Mr. Scene Kids We're The Tight Tee's
Wearing Tight Jeans You Know Tha Defeniton Actually We're Tha
Defeniton Bra Ha Zack And Dakota Finishing This Shit Mutha f**kin
2011 Stay Crunk Defeniton Of Crunk.

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