Scrap Metal Lyrics

how do i feel?
its funny you should ask,
i stopped looking then just crashed
and everything shattered, including the light
much never mattered, nothing was right...

no coincidence was today the day she breezed in
reality said 'catch me' and instead got smashed in
all over the intersection with our love note last
i stopped looking and then just crashed
what was that, was that me?
what just hit me like a ton?
just when you think you're done being shown..

i know three seconds before me and one behind
wed still be flying at 65
but something just hit me like every fatal "shoulda been"
(well, it shoulda been me in your eyes)
i wanna go down on you, drive my fingers round on you, open four lanes wide with you, get high with you, just lie with you.
roll down the road with you, space grows with you, get high with you, just lie with you..

put your hands on the wheel, ask me how i feel
i'll space out, no doubt
i gotta work that one out
i can't find it without collision
you're seeing whats blocked from your vision
i am wrapped up in my van
i better put her on the line, i take it as a sign that something loud had to happen
new roads to be mapping
i'll give you light where you give light, i'll give you weight where you give weight
when you screamed "i didn;t have time to hit the breaks!"
snap your head around, make sure im okay, you grab the registration to see who has to pay
i'm a hazards-blinking fragmented mess, my house is a wreck, my love's an insect
all i can do is reflect: "cause everything shattered including the light, much never mattered and nothing was right."

i let go and got trapped
this is just scrap.
this is just scrap metal on the intersection making noise.

i'm holding on to this wheel, like its the hardest thing to feel
like highways are the markers i can scratch on my correction
if i get some major road i can just drive into protection
i can dream on all the downhills, miss the wish, a hope it fills
dress it all up and call it 'no frills'
my bones are jerked around and it kills

i wanna blow this up, make it blast
i wanna see how hard it will smash,
i wanna bang forces, metaphorphis this
i wanan rub my skin up and down , not head trip around and around
i wanna make songs like theyre a forcefull field
like if i call on you, you come singing and real
and i can call up serenity and she'll come up form the ditch and say 'what do you need my bitch?

like a firey fierceful field, kickback while i take the wheel
call out to where the songs come in
around this pain-in-the-ass accident
they hover above, just like our love

i just wrecked, i got decked, all i can do is reflect: "cause everything shattered including the light, much never mattered and nothing was right."

you talk me round about how love is bound,
and tie me up in tongues too true for the taking
i can lick, licking and suck, sucking right on down to the much we're ducking
the catastrophes there and the crashings there
and every passway we're rehashing's there
and she was there and we were there and i looked down and my heart was bare
and screamed into the breaks that this is how it makes Love to you

well forget about all of that crap
cause this is just scrap metal on the interestion making noise

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Record Label(s): 2001 Righteous Babe Records, Inc
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