Your Lover Lyrics

[Intro: Bishop Lamont (Marsha Ambrosius)]
Uh! (Whooooooohhhh!)
Yeah! (Oooohhhhhoooooohhhhh!)
Uh! (Whooooooohhhh, yeeeeeahhhhhhh!)
Yeah! (Whooooooohhhh, oooohhhhhoooooohhhhh!)

[Bishop Lamont:]
We can spend time like (time like...)
Tomorrow ain't never gonna come right. (come right...)
Let's fall into your love
Better yet let's ease into it like a hot tub.
I got ideas. - I got plans.
A heartbeat's a song. - Girl let's dance! (let's dance!)
The melody be the way you be
When you at work and ya start missin' me. (start missin' me...)
I can't sleep if you ain't here. (ain't here...)
I can't breath if your not near. (not near...)
I ain't bein soft! - This is sincere. (sincere...)
Takes a real man to say that. (to say that...)
No receipts can't take it back (take it back...)
Put my true feelings out there. (out there...)
Feeling vulnerable - but I don't even care
You gotta go hard or go home! (go home...)
I ain't into writin' love poems (love poems...)
Or sittin' in the park with snow cones.
Can't be that nigga! - But I'm a be your nigga.
Swear to God girl - you know I'm rollin' with ya!

[Chorus: Marsha Ambrosius]
I-I, I-I I wanna be your lover.
Lover, lover love you baby! (IIII love youuuuuu, love you, baaaaby!)
I-I, I-I I don't want no other! (Noooooooo!)
Noone will - love you better! (betteeeeeer!)
What's your name? (yeeeeah!) What you do? (yeeeeah!)
Another way (yeeeeah!) - the way you move! (Ohhhooohhhh)
Let, let, let me be your lover!
Lover, lover, lover, lover...

[Bishop Lamont:]
Nah! - Nah this, this ain't nothin' new
Grow old together like our grandparents used to. (used to...)
To stay together's kinda hard now (hard now...)
It's a different age - a different lifestyle. (lifestyle...)
We havin' kids before we take our vows
Or we rush things - instead of wait a while.
To get to know each other - too late we're married now!
Then divorce comes, too late we're strangers now. (strangers now...)
I wanna do it right! (do it right...)
Trial and error - it ain't over night. (over night...)
Pack a bag! - Stay overnight (stay overnight...)
It's gonna take a whole lot of work.
So roll ya sleeves up - better change ya shirt (chage ya shirt...)
This love thing's hard ya might get hurt. (might get hurt...)
But flowers can't grow without the dirt (without the dirt...)
I wanna know what real love is like! (love is like...)


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