The Lay Over Intro Welcome Lyrics

Aye Woogie...

I articulate another kind of form to bomb you
Aerial, biological warfare for your stereo
I'm like a black aero tropic
Yo, f**k the Nazis
I walk the block with the Glock, I never hard to find
For you constant these gangsters caught up in the
It's only a matter of time until our streets are like
I pick the man in the mirror to ensure my vision is
Then give you the truth line for line like Al Jazeera
My call of duty ain't online, I see these ghetto
Hip-hop is way more than catchy hooks and high beats
Hip-hop is way more than catchy hooks and high beats
Hip-hop is way more than catchy hooks and high beats

I wonder where it all went wrong, too much to fair them
Guess these rappers start distresssin bout goin
Once they position on the charts instead of what's up
in their hearts
Is it possible to stay true and make a million?
Cause the bitch you need is here with us, become the
The dark knight rises, I'm not much for disguises
How many 50 rappers need to check your panty sizes?
Why? You gon get a yeast infection
You mislead hip-hop, it need a new direction
Whack shit's the norm and to be dope's the exception
She had a resurrection and commited suicide
You kept on partyin like when Whitney Houston died
Now it's a bunch of whack niggas and whacker music
Thanks to Twitter everyone's a critic... or a hot
Shit... I don't even f**king care
Can't blame myself no more, whack shit coming out from
With you I had J Rou and we had a keen team
Now everybody sound like Dre, global bootleg easy
Now that's not hot son, I'm back to baggy jeans big
enough to hide a f**kin shotgun
Timbaland's shelltoes PF's and Chuck's
Maybe some vans but beside that I don't give a f**k
Jordan? He already made a fortune
1-50 for some shoes? Who the f**k you extorted?
And Nike... they play niggas for some fools
Catch them kids over them
They like whoever, just keep buying shoes
Monkey see – monkey do
J said change clothes not throw 'em away fool
Hip-hop is jerseys, I don't understand
You can't rock one even if you're a sports fan
TV tell you what to think, what to wear
What to buy, where to go, what to drink, welcome

To about 10.000 miles of more bullshit and fake shit
You'll be a captain for this hook
Fly maily
In 7 years a lot have struggled but I hustled
Got a heartache
Finally gonna get what I deserve

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