Branson Niggas Kay Slay Freestyle Lyrics

Unbelievably satisfying, my voice is crying
Time I watch every step, the science is making it
Sat down back in the hat
100 dirty bags, rolled up niggas get down dead
Fly shark sweaters, clocks is leather
Dogs can seize us, one thing could flame on one Visa
Few trips here and there, the wolf billionaire
Chilling at the UFC fights with my bands
Black flake nights, maxing the McCormicus schnitz
It's just me and one bad hill bitch
Section stands, famous with hammers
Flying out the belief, the pussy bananas
Sure to get bread, f**k it, you a grown dickhead
No swaggin on your own shit pinday
Raisin' bats in the Lambo, yea put 'em together
My niggas Batman and Robin, it's collateral

Mind detect money, crown bread for the pediment
Real bottle crills, jingle for my SP Letterman
My art of war came from the desert land
Raps are navigate spaceships, bracelets bezzlin'
Been the spot slider y'all never been
Straight shots, no chase, expressive got champagne
Hiroshima Sicily, lacall of the smart bombs
I come to support the guys, swim in my dog pound
My bridge in prosperity
Manipulate Marion Webster, not with the meaning
Unless it's voluntarily
I never been lazy, f**k that
I go for the Gusko
I'm nuts so my mother didn't raise me
My father was a donor, all love from my uncle that was
a pimp
Passionate bitch, used to get his money for him
Real tyrannosaurus, four door, slidin' them chuvis up
Kept the kakin camels of these quarteroids
Maily mail palm of this crop
Real talk, these were the days that niggas used to be
on the block
Now it's a new breed, true indeed
The times is flipped
We in them newer things
Coolin' with these crackers with chips

And what the f**k am I supposed to do?
You know what? Just let that shit breathe for a minute
Niggas want me on the track last and shit
Half the niggas been killed, everybody's looking like
Jones Town and shit
Just think about it for a minute
That's real hip-hop, real spitters and shit
All I can do is look pretty

I be in places where the crack is when they hang a
But their wife and sisters thought his mama wanna bang
a nigga
Wet hoes, crib full of bunnies like the kak stores
Late night's dimension off the cold water hangin'
Lampin', dackery, stacks of weed
Where bad bitches nigga ass like you wouldn't believe
I swear to God I've seen that bitch in K Slay's
Flippin strippin sippin skinny dippin on a whim
Yea we f**kin' in the pool, like Paul Adam don't swim
Stay vicious my witness, you know how we get down
But enough with the semantics, the high life and
If love is war then I'm a helpless romantic
The constant clans, think I heard niggas be talkin'
So like that throw hitchin' hop in the van quick
Like you're too inspired, to the street rules applied
A real nigga til I die, filled with formaldehyde
You rap niggas garbage, B force perpetrate
I'm on that freak shit, still bring the purple tape
Incarcerated scarfaces, verbal intercourse
If you ain't touchin' that it don't belong in the
f**kin' source
Blazes of ice, get it nice, nigga full price
Jems on the linge, niggas lookin like the northern
You dumb rap niggas got this shit all wrong
He's tryna floss with them semiprecious stones

Message: I'm just sayin' nigga
You ever seen the british world jewels? The crown
Ain't no diamonds in that shit nigga
It's rubies and emeralds nigga
Get out your science books
Stop wastin' all that f**kin' money on shit that ain't
worth nothin'
Class dismissed! Go to your room!

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