Timelines Lyrics

Now I know the importance of timelines and dates
They would change everything
If I knew when your feelings and songs rang out
I'd know which ones ring true
And what to do
For now I assume the hate and distain was just your rage talking
But that's the hope in me
I don't understand how a husband could wish for his wife to hate him
Wish for her to leave
Why you don't want me to try to understand or forgive
I know what my blind eyes and mind tell me that means
You want me to leave
You want me to leave
You don't need or want me to understand and be there
For you to be my man
You've got your backup plan
Yes I recall
You didn't sign anything at all
So you hold my life in your hands
And it's my turn to lose everything
When all along I thought with you is where I belonged
I just need a sign
Something more clear
I've given you the option of me walking away
You know for you there is nothing I will say
But I do not and can't be where I am hated
And you know if you wanted hate
I could easily let it flow
But I thought
But I thought
Oh god I thought you felt the same
All I need to know
Is which way to go
I've given you all you need
As all I ever had was my heart
God tell me you haven't wasted all these years hoping to find something else
You've succeeded in breaking my heart
A couple times
So that can't be why
I don't want you to be so miserable
So if it's me that must go
I will go
I will go
If I am your life
Then get rid of your backup plan
And tell me your MY man
You can't tell me this town doesn't have enough bad things going on
That focusing on breaking me down was what all this time was for
Oh I understand what ghosts are for
But all I've ever had is a heart to give
A broken heart to give
You made it whole
Then crushed it
Made it whole
Then crushed it
I've shown you where real trouble brews
And I'd be happy to always hunt and hide with you
Your the reason I grew strong
Your the reason I thought I belonged
Finally to someone
Finally to someone
Tell me I'm not wrong
I need a clear sign
Do I stay or do I go
Cause everytime I say I love you
I mean it
You are my everything
No I can't hate you
That's easy to see
But all you have to do is tell me
Every song of hate to me is true
And I'm sure your dreams of no me will come true
Your my life
And I'm your fake wife
If your a bird
I'm a bird
If your a ghost
I'm a ghost
God I wish I knew the timelines
Oh the times you asked me detailed
Oh I opened myself up like a book
Yea just a book
You aren't even sure if you love me?
I can't even let it sink in
Don't let it sink in
Can't let it sink in
If your a bird
I'm a bird
You made me strong and told me to stand up for myself
But now you hold me from telling the world off
Because you know your a part of it all
But don't you understand
I said your worth it all
Your worth it all
I'm not saying a word
I'm forever your bird...

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